A Story Happened in Early Cultivation: Passing Through Mist, Reducing Sleep for the Sake of Fa Study

PureInsight | September 29, 2014


I. Looking through the mist to study the Fa

In early cultivation, I had an experience of looking through the mist while studying Zhuan Falun.

I wore presbyopic glasses when I was just over 40. When I formally studied Zhuan Falun, I was more than 50. My eyes became bright so I took off my glasses.

One day when studying the Fa, suddenly a misty obstacle appeared and I couldn’t continue with my study.

I realized that Falun Dafa is a practice cultivating both nature and longevity. Not only one’s character is cultivated, but also the innate body will be changed. Master said, “While your body is transforming and human cells are being gradually replaced by high-energy matter, the aging process slows down. Your body will show signs of returning to youth, returning gradually and transforming gradually. When it’s finally completely replaced by high-energy matter, your body will have been entirely transformed into another kind of physical body.”(“Zhuan Falun”) After I obtained the Fa, to be healthy was a blessing. By reading Zhuan Falun, my eyesight was better than 10 years before when I wore presbyopic glasses. I became younger in Dafa cultivation. In addition, I persisted in Fa study and practicing exercises for more than 10 hours everyday. Strong and healthy, my character and comprehension improved rapidly; all these situations were good deeds in Fa study and cultivation. But how could this mist now appear? I thought it might be the envious old forces making the so called tests, was their objective blocking Dafa disciples from cultivating diligently and solidly?

I was worried for not be able to study the Fa in front of the mist. So shall I study after all? My thought kept writhing: If I want to study the Fa, I can only see the mist but not the Fa. The sea of brume filled the dimension above Zhuan Falun, I could not study the Fa even though I wanted. How could I deal with this? Could it be said that I stop studying? If not studying the Fa, it was like giving in to the interference. Wouldn’t that be satisfying to the old forces? Nothing cannot be resolved when Master and the Fa is beside me! I saw through the evil’s dirty trick and rejected the evil’s tests! Deny it!

When I studied the Fa diligently, I was assimilating to the Fa on my own initiative. Master’s Law Body, the Law Wheel and countless Buddhas, Daos and Gods, layer upon layer, were looking, assisting, encouraging, protecting, reinforcing and revealing the disciple’s devotion in the Fa. With such great power of Gods, who dares to touch? Who can touch?! Master said: “Our Law Wheel protects you if you’re a true cultivator. My roots are all deeply planted in the universe, and if someone could affect you, he could affect me, and to put it directly, he’d be able to affect the universe.”(“Zhuan Falun”) Understanding the principles of the Fa, with great confidence I held Zhuan Falun with both of my hands and asked for Master’s reinforcement silently. Using my divine power, I froze the “mist obstacle”, those filthy, messy and corrupted substance in the cosmos, saw through them with “God’s light”, dissolving and dismantling the “Mist obstacle”. As expected, these white, misty clouds, when I was sending righteous thoughts, reduced in size and dissolved layer upon layer. The mist cleared within half an hour and every character in Zhuan Falun glistened. Master has immeasurable compassion, the great law is omnipotent, with the faith to Master and Dafa, any problem in cultivation can be solved.

II. Break through the “God in charge of sleeping”, study the Fa freely

I had plenty of time after retirement, therefore I practiced at least 8 hours each day, sometimes as much as 12 hours. Usually I insisted to practice for more than 10 hours. In the remaining time I would read Falun Gong. Later when Zhuan Falun was published, I shortened the practice time and extended the Fa study time. Because the Fa study time was extended, I became sleepy. Master said: “Don’t you get sleepy? Don’t you feel sleepy as soon as you read the book, or become drowsy once you study the Fa? Let me tell you that those are gods at a level in this human dimension. If you can’t break through them, you remain a human. They aren’t intentionally doing anything to you—they treat everyone like that. That’s why people feel tired and sleepy. If you want to break away from being a human, you have to make a break through everything before you can make it. If you go along with them they’ll think you are just a human.”(“Teaching the Fa at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun”)

Once I felt very sleepy when studying the Fa as if I hadn’t been sleeping for many days. My body was very fatigued, with my thoughts drowsy. The situation was like a big disease would strike a person down. My cultivation level was about to fall down because of sleepiness. The cattail hassock was right beside the bed, regardless of falling on the cattail hassock or the bed, I would fell deep asleep. But I didn’t.

When human being is in lethargy, the thought and the body is in a maze controlled by god, and it is really hard to get rid of it.

Through Fa study, by the willpower of belief to Master and Dafa, through true, solid and commitment to cultivation, I tried so hard to fend off the sleepiness, even my body was stuck in drowsiness and maze I still thought to break through it and persist to study the Fa. Therefore I witnessed the miracle of breaking through the drowsiness by studying the Fa.

I realized that we are cultivating at a high level by studying Zhuan Falun, but when we are in the human world we are controlled by the law governing this human world. The god wants to treat you as a human being, and for sure a human being would feel fatigue, sleepy and this is quite normal. Dafa disciples should study the Fa, do the exercises, send the righteous thoughts and clarify the truth and save people, they must cultivate their Xinxing and comprehension to the higher realm surpassing human beings and beyond the reach of the gods at lower levels. Only by doing so can they break through these interferences and do “the three things” well and with dignity.

From the Fa I know it was the god who governs sleeping in the human world, I call it “the god in charge of sleeping”. Master said: “If you want to break away from being a human, you have to break through everything before you can make it.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun”) Therefore, I wanted to break through the gate set by the “god in charge of sleeping” and study the Fa freely.

I called “the god in charge of sleeping”: “Is there the god who is in charge of sleeping? Please come over.”The god in charge of sleeping really came. I spoke to him: “God, you know I am a Dafa disciple, I am studying the Fa and don’t want to sleep. But you insisted on making people sleep. This has already caused trouble.”The god looked at me without interrupting. I continued: “God, I’d like to negotiate with you: As you can see, there are many people who want to sleep. No matter whether they are healthy individuals or they have diseases, no matter their age and gender, many of them want to sleep. You are doing the right thing to coax them to fall asleep. Please go to find those people. But you tried to coax me to sleep. I want to study the Fa and don’t want to sleep. Can you please stop harassing me?”

The God saw I was really keen and wanted to study the Fa sincerely, in addition, what I said was based on reasoning and I had the righteous thoughts to break through sleeping, therefore he left me alone. In no time my mind became very clear without a single trace of sleepiness. I held up Zhuan Falun in high spirit and continued Fa study. I broke through the control of “the god in charge of sleeping”, and from then on I could study the Fa freely.

Above is based on my personal experience, please kindly point out any improper content.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/133450



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