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PureInsight | May 13, 2002


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From the perspective of multiple dimensions and the belief that all things are living beings, the author explores some phenomena utilizing the principle of “mind and matter are one thing” and other ideas of space and life discussed in Zhuan Falun. The paper searches for a broader horizon and a way out of our stagnant contemporary science.

Major Topics

a. Major achievements and fundamental limitations of modern science.
b. Discussion of some phenomena.
c. How moral connotations determine the realm of science since mind and matter are one thing and all things have life. This is a critical issue.
d. This paper provides two reference examples of how to infuse moral factors into future science.


Let us only talk about certain spaces that exist at the same level as ours and are adjacent to our material world. Human beings cannot know the existence of other dimensions, and so we do not talk about this here. If human beings want to learn something about other dimensions, they have to cultivate. Everything in the future world, including all elementary particles, will undergo fundamental change. All the knowledge human beings have now will become obsolete unless the knowledge absorbs new elements.

What we do here is neither confirm nor deny modern science. Instead, we seek to bridge modern science and the future world to facilitate a gentle and natural transition. In other words, the developments described here become the basis of future science without touching on the direction or process of science or upon where science will wind up.

Particles and Energy

With regard to cells, molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, quarks and neutrinos, modern scientists have had exposure to them for quite a long time and learned the existence of these particles and some laws they follow. Scientists have also realized that laws at different particle levels are completely different.

The General Theory of Relativity states E=mc2. It recognizes that matter is energy and vice versa. Particles are nothing more than the condensation of local fields, or random energy aggregation.

The major achievements of modern science are the following. It is commonly accepted that:

-the movement of the universe abides by law.

-the universe is composed of particles of different levels.

-all particles are manifestations of energy.

-objects don’t have fixed lengths and sizes.

These are very important. They are valuable because they can serve as the starting point for human beings to break through the current narrow understanding of modern science.

The Dilemma and the Way Out

In modern science, the fundamental obstacles are:

1. Separation and Combination:

- Mind and Matter Are Separated
- the Concept of Space Is “Dimension”

The notion that everything can be recognized and studied in the way of separation and combination is responsible to all other notions in modern science. Nowadays, the disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, astronomy and geography are precisely brought about by the notion of separation. It is a notion of recognition that put the incidental before the fundamental. We will address this later. Although contemporary high-energy physics researchers have begun to realize that efforts in searching for more elementary particles is futile, physicists are still intoxicated with the glory of their achievements in this kind of research. They are still trying because they are driven by old notions of research.

One of the empty fields in modern mathematics, physics, and chemistry is the exploration of life or mind. Scientists in these fields do not even think that matter and life (mind) are one thing. Yet, the so-called science of life, biology, relies heavily on these sciences. As a consequence, biology claims that mind and matter are two distinct things. If we simply put these separated concepts together, we will be astonished to discover a thriving universe and the complexity of life.

Modern science confuses the concept of space with the concept of “dimension,” based on mathematical definitions of scale. This voids people’s understanding of dimensions turns it into a purely mathematical game.

2. Guiding Conceptual Framework: Induction and Deduction

The conceptual framework of induction and deduction corresponds to the concept of separation and combination. Since 1990s, modern science, especially the related fundamental theories, has stood still. It hasn’t been able to induce any new theory. It hasn’t been able to deduce any groundbreaking development.

The stagnation of the research is even more pronounced in mathematics and theoretical physics. Those fundamental physics laws can only handle simple models, but cannot describe complicated phenomena, such as earthquakes, weather and so on. Some physicists brought up the concept of “complex systems” in the latter part of the last century, including theories about the dynamics of chaos and condensation of matter. However, almost all of the work on these subjects has become stagnant. The root cause is that their conceptual framework is too limited. Taking weather forecasting as an example, many differential equations need to be solved to make a prediction. But these mathematical equations cannot describe complicated phenomena precisely. Currently, the science of biology also has tried to impress the public with publicity stunts that are designed to draw attention to itself.

In 1996, John Horgan, a senior professional writer of Scientific American, an authoritative magazine in technology, wrote a book entitled, The End of Science, after he had visited dozens of worldwide, outstanding scholars in different fields. This book evoked strong repercussions among scientists around the world. In this book, which many famous scientists wanted sent to the trash heap, the author concluded that science, specifically pure science, had come to an end. He noted two aspects:

A. Supposedly great scientists indulgently exaggerating the glory of historical scientific development, and those scientists not having very great reputations.

B. A large volume of the facts proving stagnation of current scientific development.

Given past science and its concepts, rational scientists try to adapt their notions to objective scientific discoveries. They use realistic discoveries and phenomena to correct imperfect theories. This is certainly an outstanding attribute of these scientists. But the pity is that they are not able to recognize the origins and limitations of their guiding thoughts. Scientists have always been fueled by their inspiration and intuition. However, they can only passively wait for inspiration and intuition to come to them.

There is nothing wrong with inspiration and intuition. However, people do not know where inspiration and intuition come from in the first place. Therefore, people have no reliable evaluation criteria for deciding whether their inspiration and intuition are good or not when they don’t know the origin of inspiration and intuition.

3. Expression Method: Mathematical Tool Is the Best and Ultimate Expression Method
One of the dilemmas of modern science is that people always use concepts, rules and notions provided by out-of-date mathematical tools that control their scientific theoretical framework. This is an obstacle that modern scientists cannot overcome. As a result, people still don’t realize that science has reached its end. Under the current situation, scientists nowadays still try to find a formulated theory that is similar to the “unified field theory” that Einstein was seeking to unify the understandings of nature. Both Newton and Einstein, based on their understandings of time and space, brought up a completely new science as soon as they created or discovered proper mathematical tools. Modern mathematics, however, cannot provide a brand-new and meaningful basis for science anymore.

Of course, this is not to say that the science in the future needs a mathematical tool as well. Ancient Chinese theory didn’t rely on such mathematical tools. The deductions derived from the Book of Changes are a miniature of the development of various matters in the universe rather than mathematics, because it contains no assumptions and limit conditions. This is not to judge which one is superior or inferior. This is only to illustrate that we can use different methods to describe the world.

Different individual types of matter correspond to different numbers. Relationships between different types of matter correspond to deduction. Matter can be divided into different groups, levels or types. So can relationships. Actually, modern science hasn’t realized this. What is the law? It is absolutely not just a game of mathematical operations, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, and so on. Furthermore, it is not true that it can only be expressed by human language. There must be some broader ways of expression.

From sub-atom to neutrino, the most fundamental particles that modern science studies, the individual manifestations that modern science can understand may have reached the boundary of this current time-space. Therefore, modern science cannot explore further. The current understanding that molecules are formed from particles at different levels is probably correct. Yet the current understanding of atoms, especially on the sub-atomic level, is very likely to be incorrect. Why? Because all we can predict in Quantum Theory is probability. Namely, one can only use probability to describe the observed system. In Quantum Theory, the accuracy of the law disappears completely, or can’t be identified. The theory of probability is just a petty mathematical toy and a sheer product of notions. If we compare the fact with a delicate painting, probability is only the shellac covering the painting. Strictly speaking, it is distortion or misunderstanding of facts that tries to obtain a sense of beauty at the cost of truth. Einstein was right: God does not play dice.

Therefore, there are two fundamental understandings:

4. Mind and Matter

Matter is equivalent to Mind. Whether people can realize this point is the foundation of the way out for science. If people can equate matter with mind, without any barrier, all mysteries will vanish like smoke.

Matter is a facet of existing status of life and the different combination of particles. Mind is a facet of manifestation forms of life. Modern science’s understanding of matter is that, on more and more microcosmic levels, types of fundamental particles become less and less. This is precisely opposite to what we talk about. We think that there are more and more types of particles that make up matter on more and more microscopic levels. Modern science’s understanding is a notion that has reversed the origin and end. Here we do not intend to totally deny modern science’s understanding on matter, but fully incorporate it, and at the same time completely transcend it. Even so, the matter that we mainly talk about is still the one in different microscopic and macroscopic vertical dimensions at the same level.

Nowadays, the concept of mind is very vague. What is mind? This is a dead corner in modern science. We consider mind to be a facet of life that includes all aspects of law that modern people know about, such as The rising of the sun and moon, change of seasons, and the birth, aging and death of humans. Why? Different objects and different matter manifest different laws. These laws have their own category and attributes and differences from one another. This so-called law is in fact the manifestation of existing matter on different levels.

The structure of matter, both from the combination way and the combination rule of component particles, is the origin of mind, including the law. In other words, mind decides the structure of matter. All of matter and mind rely on its structure; all are manifestations of structures. This structure has different content and changes on different levels.

5. Dimensions and Life

The form of existence of particles on the same level is a dimension or, in other words, a time-space that we talked about. This is different from the time-space known by modern science. Even if another dimension on our same level is very similar to the dimension we live in, it is almost impossible to explain what it looks like. This is because such dimensions are countless; also, the structure of dimensions is very complex and diverse. Meanwhile, personal understanding is very limited. Therefore, no matter how much detail we would like to describe here, we can only talk in a broad outline. In other words, we take it as the guiding ideology to have a fresh understanding of the universe.

As for the principles of time-space, please refer to “Lecture in the United States.” I’m not going to make any irresponsible remarks here.

The world formed by molecules that we live in is in one dimension. The particles such as atoms, which are being studied by modern science, are already the manifestations of other dimensions and their matters in this physical dimension. Therefore, the characteristics manifested by those particles are incompatible with our daily notions. The sub-atomic particles touched upon by quantum physics are from another totally different dimension. At first, scientists were at a complete loss to explain the characteristics of those particles. The most notable examples are: the Uncertainty Principle and Wave Particle Duality.

Modern high-energy physics has already touched upon manifestations of other dimensions and their matters. They have found molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, quarks and neutrinos. They have also found and realized that the so-called fundamental particles do not exist at the neutrino level. Nowadays, scientists have understood that the so-called sub-atomic particles can only be regarded as the relationship between certain experimental conditions and the corresponding measurements. According to this understanding, matter can be divided endlessly but cannot become smaller. Modern techniques cannot divide matter any further or understand it further. However, they haven’t realized the relationship that already exists between these particles and other time-spaces. Why? From my understanding, I think it is mainly because they regard time-space itself as a dimension.

The dimensional existence and structure is formed by all the particles (namely, matter with different structure) in that dimension. Time is also a type of matter that possesses a certain structure in a different dimension.

Lives of different dimensions manifest as matter to each other. In other words, matter is also life.

Ancient Chinese science believed that heaven and human are one. “Heaven and human are one” is not one of those theoretical things or realms known by modern people. One of the aspects revealed by so-called “Heaven and Human are one” is the inter-crossing and inter-containing relationships between different lives and lives of different dimensions. (Of course, “Heaven and Human are one” is also a saying from the community of cultivators where the meaning is much more profound). Everything is in and a part of one unity. Each individual is a life. Life is composed of life. Matter formed by lives must be life.
With these two fundamental changes of understanding, all human beings will undergo fundamental change. When all these understandings are established, heaven and human will be one again, and we will see a thriving universe.

Explorations and Attempts

For human beings, as long as there is life, there is benevolent and malevolent; good and bad; life and death. Everything is under the regulation of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. Once the inner meaning of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition is changed, every inner meaning in the human world will be changed. Don’t people need to see physical existences in order to believe? Hereby we show everything concretely to humans.

1. Chemistry and Medical Science

Contemporary chemistry is a science that studies the recombination of atomic particles caused mainly by electrons around atoms. Ancient chemistry was a science that studies the recombination of relatively microscopic particles caused by qi from other dimensions in which qi existed. According to the theory of General Relativity, matter is the same thing as energy. Particles are nothing more than local condensation of fields. They are energy combinations, converging and separating randomly. It conforms to qi, traditional Chinese understanding. However, modern science doesn’t divide energy into layers or dimensions. We know that energy in different levels of time-space are not the same.

Chemical reactions in different time-spaces may not all reflect in our dimension, but their results will surely show in our material dimension. Modern medicine relies on chemistry in this modern space. Traditional Chinese medicine relies on the Five Elements theory. They believe that the five elements of fire, wood, metal, earth and water encompass many dimensions.

The evaluation standard of modern science revolves around satisfaction and utility - whether it satisfies human desires and whether it is useful. These are based on desires. Desires are bound to be limited and selfish, with no benevolence. On the other hand, the theories of five elements and yin and yang are not that way because they thrive on universal harmony. The evaluation standard is whether qi runs smoothly and harmonically, whether it conforms to the Dao. The Dao is indubitably the heavenly principle. The heavenly principle discerns good from bad, benevolence from evil, and determines life and death.

2. The Uncertainty Principle and Wave Particle Duality

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle states that we cannot precisely measure a particle’s position and momentum simultaneously because:

1. We are in the time-space of microscopic particles. Our observation method based on our time-space measurement standard can never understand the microscopic dimension fully, as we act as observers in the macroscopic world trying to observe the microscopic world. We cannot use the standards of the macroscopic world, equipment made of many macroscopic particles, together with concepts and standards from a macroscopic scale to observe and think of the microscopic particles that form our macroscopic world.

2. Our notion of position and momentum is no longer useful in the microscopic world; we cannot use that directly on other dimensions.

The Principle of Uncertainty is related to wave particle duality of light quanta, subatomic basic particles, and so on. Our understandings and observations of these substances are limited to their appearance only. We cannot observe those particles per se. Manifestations of these particles are in the form of both wave and particle. I think that a wave is like resonance brought by particles moving in different related dimensions. Movements of every particle will inevitably lead to changes in related countless dimensions. Each type of such changes will correspond to changes of particles in a layer of dimension. Then changes of particles in every other dimension will feedback to our dimension – this is what we call as “wave.”

That is to say, there is no wave particle duality of particles, but synthesized manifestations of overlap of movements of particles in different other dimensions and manifestations of particle existence in this matter space. What we observe as particles is what we observe from only one kind of particle with contemporary machines. If we can observe almost countless types of particles with different sizes, then we will soon see manifestations of other dimensions.

Legend: S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, and so on are time spaces. S0 is the overlap of S1, S2, S3, S4, and like. Particles in S1, S2, S3, S4, and so on are encompassed by particles a layer larger.

Waves in dimension S0 correspond to feedbacks of movements of particles in all dimensions.

3. Polygraph and Bootstrap Theory

The above chart shows 13 types of different particles. The gray areas represent anti-particles. This chart helps us understand the following illustration, which may appear to be inconceivable for nonprofessionals. The three types of mesons are just like their names, particles that are generated during the interaction process. They are not basic particles that can exist independently.

Lower figure is a Scattering matrix functioning through exchanging a π0 during interactions of a proton and a π meson in quantum physics. (The circle does not stand for a particle, but process of particles.)

In the above picture, Pand πare original particles. π0 is the exchanged particle. Pand πare final particles.

Bootstrap theory (also called Nuclear Democracy Theory), founded by Geoffrey Chew at University of California, has been a generally accepted theory of basic particles since the 1960s. The Bootstrap theory solved the problems that occurred in the Feynman picture in describing strong interactions with Field theory. Modern high-energy physics cannot identify which single particle is responsible for transmission interactions during interactions of two hadrons. Facts have shown that, all hadrons participate in strong interactions, acting as neither original nor final particles, nor exchanged particles.

Bootstrap theory took the place of the traditional basic particle model in the past. Geoffrey Chew believed that basic particles did not have internal structures. They were completely equal and they formed each other. This is the so-called Nuclear Democracy.

Based on this theory, every basic particle that forms this world is formed by other basic particles in a self-consistent manner. The π meson、K meson、Σ particle、nuclear(proton p、Neutron n)are all hadrons. The πmeson can be viewed as a binding system composed of nucleon and anti-nucleon. The nucleon can be viewed as a binding system of K-meson and Σ particle.

If we can view multiple dimensions from an angle, we can understand the polygraph phenomenon.

It is believed that there are two sources that make up the polygraph.

Legend: Movements are also relayed in adjacent different dimensions.

One source is the inter-overlap, inter-consistency, and interactions between a larger particle composed of smaller particles with identical sizes in the same dimension and this smaller particle. To some extents, they are each other’s “shadows.” What Bootstrap theory describes is a type of polygraph phenomena. Can particles of the same size, in the same level of dimension inter-overlap, inter-consist? Yes, two different kinds of particles in the same level that differ in dimension and structure may be invisible to each other, even if they affect each other and interact.

The clairvoyance ability of a person may be related to this polygraph phenomenon. There is a saying in Chinese: “The only way not to let others know is not to do it at all.” Another saying says: “There is no wall in this world that can stop wind from blowing through.” Everything is life.

Another type of source is that particles (p) at different microscopic levels form a larger particle (P). Microscopically, particles (p) contain all structures of particle P. In such a system, particles at all levels from the microscopic to the macroscopic also inter-overlap, inter-consist and interact.

The supernormal ability of precognition and retrocognition may be related to this type of polygraph phenomenon.

4. The Supernormal Capability of Precognition and Retrocognition

It is well known that all of the remote celestial bodies we observe from Earth are not in their current state, but that of tens of millions years ago. Moreover, we observe completely different pictures under visible light, infrared and ultraviolet wave bands. Actually, we are allowed to say that we are now in the past of a certain galaxy. Then, with regards to Earth, some other places in the universe must be able to see our past. Think about it, if there were a being that is huge enough to span all of the galaxies, he absolutely could observe our past, even the remote past without any difficulties. Therefore, the supernormal capability of precognition and retrocognition is not mystical, and we may say everybody has it. Under this situation what we see is not ourselves, but remote galaxies. Also, when we recall something in the past, isn’t the feeling of the ' vivid memory ' a kind of extremely weak supernormal capability of precognition and retrocognition? We may say that the memory manifests one aspect of this kind of capability.

Time and space cannot be discussed separately. Space only has actual significance to the particles, or lives inside of it, or we can say that the viewer must place himself inside the space to make real observations. Time is also the basic component of a level of the space; therefore it may be called a particle too. The viewer must place himself in that particular space or time- field in order to do meaningful measurements. Otherwise, everything will look strange and will be difficult to understand, and we cannot find a way out. If you judge according to the Fa, you must assimilate to the Fa at a certain level in order to reach that level. Regarding some spaces that are at the same level with and are close to humanity, they have the same situation as human beings. By the direction of Dafa, “If mankind can take a fresh look at itself as well as at the universe and change its rigid mentality, it will take a leap forward.” (From Lunyu in Zhuan Falun)

5. Interactions

In High Energy Physics, the theory of force is replaced by the theory of interaction. It was discovered that force is only a manifestation of interactions among particles, and interaction conforms to the fact better. Next chart is the S (Scattering) matrix schematic drawing in Quantum Physics to show the interaction of a proton and a π meson through exchange of a π0. (Circle does not express particle, but the process of particle.)

We would like to present three points:

1. The interaction in our space - force, occurs instantly. In other words, it is not restricted by time in our space. Although it is an extremely short process in the subatomic world, we still take notice of which particle made the response first when the two particles decide to exchange. Actually they respond at the same time. In other words, no matter how fast the exchange process is, the decision made by the correlation law is not restricted by the time in our space. Or we can say it is not restricted by the time in the time space in which we are able to understand at present. It means that there is a force at the more microscopic level, which not only arranges the law and predestined relationships that determine the outcome of interactions, but also monitors and controls everything all the time as well.

2. In quantum theory, the force is actually a kind of phenomenon resulting from particle exchange at a microscopic level. Quantum theory mainly deals with interaction, with less emphasis on force. Actually, force is not void of matter; it is the evolution, the combination of different types of matter, and the change of the existence mode of new matter! The force is the law of these changes.

3. However, matter is also life. What if these particles originate from a different life of a different time-space? Let us use the following example. Suppose there are two people who are in a conflict: one of them hits the other. On the surface, it appears to be a friction between the two people. But in that conflict, both people cleared up their karmic debt - one paid out his virtue, and gained karma. This chart indicates that at present, quantum theory only realized one kind of manifestation of these two bits of matter, virtue and karma in our space, and there should be another kind that has not yet been discovered.

Two electrons display “repulsion” through photon exchange. Then electronic repulsion causes atomic, even molecular repulsion. And finally, the force displays. Actually, the force is the change of microscopic matter. The high-energy universe rays (high-energy particles) impact Earth’s atmosphere, and bombard the particles to produce many new particles and new matter, and bring new energy to Earth. The sunlight illuminates everything on Earth, and also maintains the lives in this environment. Earth's energy is sent out by heat energy radiation. In actuality, I realized that the high-energy particles are beings that dropped from higher-level spaces. Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, they disintegrated into particles in the terrestrial environment. As we all know, the atmosphere is divided into certain levels, and these particles have to drop one level after another. This is the process for reincarnation. Moreover, the black hole phenomenon tallies with the process when lives enter the three realms or hell, and everything that enters almost absolutely cannot leave. And also, the space and time structure of the black hole has changed radically.

The above is a very preliminary attempt in exploring the new science. Some other topics are also worth discussing, such as light and its dissemination, the measure criterion in different time-spaces, the expression of the law of motion and so on.


The new science is seeking for a more concrete framework, which can produce accurate and profound descriptions, covering a broader category. The new science aims at expressing the real law and the spirit of matter. Above all, it is able to distinguish good from bad, and right from wrong.

How is science related to good, evil, and morale? People gather by groups, and all matter assembles by type.

When a person is angry, or has an evil thought in mind, this negative emotion affects the mind and body, and also the surrounding environment. One can observe that when a person is controlled by the negative mood, the physical body will manifest the state of mind. For instance, one’s complexion is blemished, one’s mannerism is considered as unusual, etc. Eventually, the bad thoughts may disappear for a while accompanied by mood restoration, but the majority is deposited inside the brain. These matters can reappear frequently in our mind, thus controlling our mood and behavior. Moreover, under this kind of situation, everything is unpleasant and irritable to one’s eyes. In other words, one’s state of mind dictates one’s thoughts. If one has an evil state of mind, one’s perception of others will also be negative and our eyes can only see evil. For instance, one will believe that everyone has ulterior motives. Negative emotions are like sunglasses that prevent our eyes from seeing a bright world, and instead give us the impression of a gloomy world. But, when one is in a good state of mind, one’s perception of others will be positive and one can see the good in others.

If one is controlled by the notion that all matter does not have life, then it is certainly very hard for one to see the manifestation of everything being life. The law, the matter, and all things are beings. If you do not acknowledge all living beings, including all matter that is visible and invisible to the eye, then they will not manifest their existence to you. We exchange politeness. If you do not acknowledge other people as human beings, then who will believe you are human? We all maintain the minimum politeness in society so that we can communicate and get along well with each other. The community of Falun Gong practitioners emphasizes cultivating virtue and xinxing (moral quality).

With a preliminary look, the ancient Chinese Theory of Five Elements, the Yin and Yang theory has the factor to distinguish good from evil. Everything moves following its rule. The related zhouyi theory is able to reflect the real law - not to express the law by digital operation, but digital operation is concealed in the law of evolution.

What is the difference between numbers and the law? The relationship between the two is the same as the relationship between surface appearance and inner meaning. Modern mathematics, with its digital and abstract operation, certainly does not belong to matter and its law. 1+1=2 and 1+1=3 or 4 are not contradictory, and they are suitable in different situations respectively. This is why people cannot approve the zhouyi theory nowadays. But the law of all matter is not confined to numeric and operational expression. The zhouyi theory states that:

A. Divinatory symbols are actually characters, and they are equally good as the pictographic Chinese characters.
B. The changes of Divinatory symbols includes digital calculations. (Contrary to modern Mathematics.)

Ancient Chinese pictographic characters give us inspiration. I think it is more appropriate to call it images than pictographic characters. Ancient Chinese pictographic characters are structurally uniform with their description of things at a very deep level. In classical Chinese writings, the expression method of matter and their processes is extremely special, which also reflects a kind of structure at a very deep level. This might relate to the profound connotation of Chinese to a great extent.

A. The structure of ancient Chinese characters was directly derived from five elements and Yin Yang. The attributes of five elements and Yin Yang are consistent with the basic attributes of matters.

B. The meaning and attributes of Chinese characters may be quite different along with the context. The different position of a word causes tremendous change of the attributes of five elements and Yin Yang for the entire sentence. This is what people called in the past atmosphere and style.

C. The words are like the author. People with different moral characters and different attributes cannot conceal their connotation, true thoughts, with superficial covers.

But it is unacceptable to simply copy these, because the inner connotations at deeper levels are tremendously different. Therefore, these theories can only have value after going through a similar purification as the one in cultivation. Dafa is the essential foundation, and the judgment standard is the Fa.

In summary, the appearance of the brand-new scientific expression modes with the above merits is worth anticipating; the exploration to this kind of new study is worth carrying on.


1. Zhuan Falun
2. Falun Dafa (Lecture in the United States)
3. Zhuan Falun (Volume Two)

(This is a paper for the First World Future Science and Culture Congress)

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