A Visit to the Hopi Nation

PureInsight | November 4, 2002

My name is Janine and I was inspired to join this trip after I read an article on the PureInsight website by practitioner Jim Vetoto (http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/articles/2002/4/29/1088.html). His story talked about the relationship between the prophecies of the Hopi Indians and our Falun Dafa.

On the 20th of July, 2002, I was on the plane to America and planned to meet Jim and his wife, Alena, from North Carolina, and another Chinese practitioner called Yaning from Phoenix Arizona. We were to meet in a place called Flagstaff in Arizona.

Jim, Alena and Yaning had been to the Washington, DC, Conference where they had been spreading Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in the capital of the 200+ year old nation of the U.S.A. Now they were going to visit the thousands-of-years-old Hopi Nation, which others considered to be the ancient spiritual capital of North America.

A week before Jim left, he had a dream in which he met Master Li. A group of practitioners were sitting in a room with Master meditating.

Then Master Li asked, "Which one of you is a seed carrier?"

Jim replied, "I guess that would be me since I deal with seeds in my job." He distributes and sells ancient heirloom vegetable seeds to others.

Master Li then came over and poured the seeds into his hands. Jim understood the dream and thus proceeded to carry the seeds of Dafa to the Hopi Elders.

As we were driving towards the Hopi Reservation, the sun was setting and, in the distance, there was a whole circle of showers coming down around us. The gods and heaven put on a magnificent display of colour as the clouds changed from purples to mauves to pinks. As the sun went down, it looked like fire coming out of the earth, glowing up into the sky. Then along came a quadruple rainbow that went straight up to the heavens.

That night we gathered together, read the Fa and focused on our mission. The Milky Way was as big and clear as ever, the moon had a rainbow glow around it. As Jim looked up he saw a Falun, it seemed like the heavens and earth were welcoming the Fa to the Hopi land. That night, in my sleep, two ancient faces came to my vision, very kind faces. They knew we had arrived and it was like a welcoming. They knew we had come for a purpose from within our hearts.

The question was where to begin, because we were out in the wilderness on the Mesas in Hopi land.

The next morning I told the others about the faces and how I felt very strongly that we needed to go to the old village called Hotevilla, where the last remaining traditional Hopis lived.

The Hopi Prophecies that have been handed down from the ancestors talk about how
the traditional Hopis should not change their homes, their hair, or their ceremonies, because the true helpers might not recognize them as the true Hopis. They have been waiting all these years.

The prophecy also said when the true white brother comes; he will be powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak (could be the red shield at the practice sites). He will be large in number and belong to no religion. With him there will be two great ones, both very wise. One will have the symbol of the swastika and the other helper will have a symbol of the sun. The three helpers were commissioned by Great Spirit to help Hopi bring peaceful life on earth. They also said that when the leaders turned to evil there would be many ways life would be destroyed, including earthquakes, floods, disappearance of wildlife, and famine.

We parked outside the village called Hotevilla and a long haired Hopi man approached us and asked: "Why are you here?"

Jim started talking about Falun Dafa and the principles. The Hopi man said that his people are private people and usually only accept visitors if they were invited. After 45 minutes of conversation with this man, he realized we came with pure hearts. We came to share and offer matters of historic and prophetic importance with his elders.

Yaning explained to him about the persecution in China and how her mother had been jailed in China. He could relate to the persecution because his ancestors also had been tortured and treated as slaves. He was like the gatekeeper of the village and we felt he was testing us to see if our hearts were pure and committed to our mission for Dafa. He then proceeded to tell us where to go in the village and whom we should talk to. He told us of a Martin Gashwescoma, a well known Hopi elder and traditionalist, who once delivered a speech to the United Nations. So here we were, just 45 minutes out of the campsite, heading to the household of a Hopi elder. We knew that it had been arranged by Master Li.

As we walked into the home, we were greeted by Martin, his wife and relatives. He immediately said, "Welcome, sit down and eat". The whole kitchen table was full of food. After lunch, we moved into the next room and began what turned into a four-hour conversation.

The Hopi prophecies talk about the purifier (Fa Rectification) which was commanded by the red symbol. We began by introducing the concept of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance and some principles of Falun Dafa. We showed him the Falun Emblem and told him it was mentioned in the Hopi Prophetic traditions, as Martin acknowledged. He then pulled out some Myan hieroglyphics.

He pointed to pictures that showed humanity becoming sexually immoral, empires forming, slavery, and brutality to people. He then pointed to another picture of two people sitting together and talking right before what they call purification. Martin pointed at those two people in the picture and we realized we were the two people there.

The Hopi Elders and Falun Dafa practitioners were sitting down to discuss the state of things before the purification (Fa Rectification). Martin mentioned that the Elders had met with many spiritual leaders and nations including the Dalai Lama and that they prophesied that this would happen during the purification.

To the Hopi the purification is a similar concept and process to what we call the Fa Rectification. They believe all the evil people will be weeded out and killed, good people will live on the new and purified earth. They believe their land is a sanctuary where good people will come and be saved into the next world, the fifth world of peace. His concept of saving people is different and at a lower level. He talked about saving people physically so they could keep on living. However, he did seem to have some knowledge of higher-level concepts and that people could ascend to higher levels.
Many times Martin would listen to what we were saying, thought about it, then nodded his head in agreement.

We explained that we don't heal others, but teach others to heal themselves through purifying their minds by assimilating to Zhen Shan Ren and purify their body with the exercises. He agreed that people could only be healed if they cleanse their minds.

Jim discussed with him how Master Li and his disciples were taking an active part in the purification (Fa Rectification) by sending forth righteous thoughts, and eliminating the evil in other dimensions. Jim also explained that it was only the surface layer particles that remain to be rectified, other layers of particles in other dimensions had already been rectified by Master Li. He didn't quite understand this issue; he still believed that the bombs would fall all around the world in a World War III. Jim discussed with him of Master Li's teachings and how Master Li told us that the war had been averted.

Jim also tried to convey to Martin the reason why the prophecies had been changed, as Master Li says in his "Lecture at the 1st North America Conference," "Why are these so called catastrophes non existent then? There are 100 million people practising Falun Dafa now and it is practised in 50 countries worldwide. Destruction is only carried out when the planet is no longer good. With so many good people around the world, how could it be destroyed?"

Again, Hopi prophecy said that the third event (possibly World War III) could either bring forth purification or destruction quoted by Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva. The Hopi have a square stone tablet that they said was given to them by an enlightened being, Massau, at the beginning of the present cycle of the world. On this tablet are three clear symbols. At the top left there is a swastika emblem that is similar to our Falun emblem. At the top right there is a symbol that is s small circle with 3 dots in it. At the lower right there is a symbol that looks somewhat similar to the flag of China. The lower left hand corner of the tablet is missing and will only be returned at some future time. The Hopi believed that by the time the true white brother returned, it would be at the end of this 4th cycle of the world's destruction. That's what Chief Dan Katchongva talked about. That lower right hand corner is a primitive representation of the flag of China and the swastika does represent the spreading of Falun Dafa in the human world.

Martin talked about their sacred Katchina Dolls and how they do bad deeds if sold for money. We told him about the Buddha statues that have not undergone consecration and also do bad deeds. We also explained to Martin about the persecution in China. He said, after seeing pictures of tortured practitioners, that the Hopi Elders expect this kind of torture and persecution to take place during the purification. Martin talked about how the Hopi believe the true white brother will bring the missing piece of their stone tablet back to them and decipher it and tell them the final outcome. (It could be Dafa disciples and the Fa).

It seems the Hopi way is in the Triple World Fa but definitely higher than everyday people. They were told to hang on their traditional ways until the purifier came to start the new cycle, which includes one language being spoken by everyone and one religion practised by everyone. It seems like Martin is one of these and, being a good person with a true heart, has been rewarded with being introduced to Dafa.

Martin said he would discuss and show the materials to the other Elders, so the seeds of Falun Dafa had been planted in the ancient land of the Hopi. In the tradition of the Hopi, they have a coil basket symbolizing the road of life. It is called Boo-Da meaning some great test, which we will experience during our journey.

It is Interesting that they have the word Boo-Da (Buddha) in their language. For now, they have seeds of the greatest gift to humans and gods. They have the way to Buddha hood, Falun Dafa.

I met a Navaho Indian who had been teaching himself Falun Dafa. He was full of wisdom, was aware of the benefits of Falun Dafa, and was sharing his wisdom with his people.

For myself, I became aware of the sacredness in my soul. I give thanks to Master Li for his sacred gift to all of humanity.

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