March in London

Wang Yifeng

PureInsight | January 20, 2003

[] In March of 2002, I made my first visit to England. But as I walked on the streets of London, everything felt so familiar to me. I was overwhelmed by an unexplainable and yet intense emotion. It made me think about one's previous lives and the current life.

The same road layered with rectangular bricks
A March with busy people on the busy streets
Unfamiliar noises
Familiar loneliness
A touch of sadness flows by

Fine rain and gentle wind
Make one once again touch upon
The memory of a previous life
Gorgeous dusk
Ivy underneath the setting sun

Time flows by like water
Layers upon layers
Mirror of age
Azure and distant
A life is like a beautiful flower or jade
A shadow chasing waves

In another March of this ancient city
There might be a poet who walked around while reciting poems
Standing in the rain and singing as the best year of his life went by
In the midst of impenetrable attachments
Feasted upon the tens of thousands joys and sorrows of a lifetime

Maybe there was a free-spirited beggar
Underneath the chilly wind and bright moon, day after day
Asking where life starts and where it ends
Accompanied by the sound of his footsteps covering the ninety-nine thousand miles
He walked through all the gains and losses of this material world

In one instant he obtained enlightenment
At that moment –
An asteroid begins its journey
And falls down in the East
Thousands of years of reincarnation
Finally has this ending

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