The Clown in the Play of History

Lin Feng

PureInsight | January 30, 2003

[] Throughout the five thousands years of Chinese history, there have been heroes creating the most magnificent sagas on the grand stage of China. The history of human civilization that took place on this stage has been brilliant, and profound. The cast has been complete with great emperors, dictators, heroes, self-indulgent rulers, as well as all the supporting actors necessary. Now the final scene as well as the climax of this stage drama has arrived. It is the main theme of history: the Lord of all Buddha's arrives to rectify the Fa, overcoming all obstacles. To further dramatize this last scene, a wicked clown has been placed into the play.

Normally, a clown is a comedian who makes the audience laugh at his own expense. This type of role often inspires the audience to ponder life and themselves. There have been many famous clowns throughout history. Some have been in movies, such as Charlie Chaplin. His comedy in movies had the ability to make us laugh and cry. His comedies were based on the theme of life, which make the audience oblivious to his crude appearance and, instead focus on the kindness of his heart.

However, the requirements for this last clown of history are different. He must be so unique that never before in history has a person seen someone like this. He must possess and display all the worst characteristics and foulness of ancient and modern times. He must be evil to the core, so evil that he is beyond saving. He must be foolish, so foolish that he is unaware that the whole world is laughing at him. He must also possess power. Without power, this clown will not be able to accomplish anything in life no matter how hard he tries.

This clown will perform many foolish acts. To name a few this clown has floated like a corpse in the Dead Sea while wearing surf trunks, brushed his hair in front of a camera in Spain, and embraced the President of Russia in the fashion of a homosexual. He also grabbed a medal away from a hosting official in Turkey, which shocked everyone in attendance. Furthermore, he embarrassed himself at a banquet in Iceland by singing before everyone with a horrid voice.

Despite his desperate attempts to perform like nobility, a clown can never be more than a clown, just as a crow can never become a phoenix! He cannot hide his lack of erudition or his vulgarity, despite his desperate efforts. Frustrated with and embarrassed by the results of his laughable performance, he became consumed with anger and madness. He is comparable to the evil prime minister of the Song Dynasty, Qin Gui, who would stop at nothing to murder the patriotic general, Yue Fei. He is comparable to the foolish Ao Bai who tried to battle the wise Emperor, Kang Xi, of the Qing Dynasty. Out of frustration he has declared war on Truth. Jealousy has gotten the better of him. But his efforts are in vain for darkness can never compete with the boundless radiance of light.

The clown is no more than a required role to contrast goodness in the play of history. The audience sees the ugliness, stupidity, evil, and jealousy in his character, and will eventually take the side of goodness and righteousness by the end of the play. The play is at its end and the curtain will be down shortly. It is sad that the clown will have to pay for all the sins he has committed throughout his life. The truth will soon be revealed to the world: the clown is today's ruler in China. He is only a monster, transformed from a red-colored, three-legged goblin toad. He has been brought to the world to spread evil and persecute the Chinese people.

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