Dimesions and Modern Medicine (I)

California practitioner

PureInsight | May 14, 2001

I am a fifty-seven year old doctor and I have been practicing Falun Dafa since July 4th, 1998.

During many years of teaching, research and clinical work in the medical sciences, I've seen too much dross in traditional medicine, and too many hypotheses in contemporary medical sciences. Pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are still unclear for many diseases. Most diagnoses are based on physical examinations, doctor's knowledge and experience. Many of them are 'impression diagnoses'. With so many uncertain factors, the diagnosis and treatment cannot be accurate. Hundreds of thousands of people in the world die due to misdiagnosis and mistreatment every year. In the United States, electronic techniques are extremely developed, but the pathogenesis progress has been poor and lots of people have suddenly died do to unknown reasons. Many famous professors and specialists can do little about it.

I have been a lecturer, assistant professor, and professor in medicine. My conscience led me to explore new outlets for medicine. However, after many years of exploration I hadn't found a solution. Because of having practiced Falun Dafa since July 4th, 1998, I'm able to look at human diseases from a whole new perspective. Contemporary western Medicine is still an imperfect system, while its knowledge of diseases is limited only to the known physical dimension. In fact, many diseases exist in other dimensions. If we cannot breakthrough this physical dimension in exploring the human body and diseases then significant progress cannot be made. Through my own case I would like to demonstrate to you the shortcomings of contemporary medicine and the profoundness of Falun Dafa.

In April of 1998, I was practicing traditional Chinese Medicine in Mount View, California, using acupuncture and herbs to treat my patients. However, I could only relieve their physical pains, and could do nothing about the problems concerning their minds, such as stress, insanity, loss of emotional control, etc. Looking for 'non-medicinal treatment', I traveled to Los Angeles with a strong attachment, in order to find someone who had been introduced to me by a friend. This person was described as a 'supernatural person' because of his 'techniques'. Given that I had not learned Falun Dafa at that time, I didn't know that one has to be righteous in his heart in order to avoid evil. This 'supernatural person' was having a problem with his left toe, so I treated him with a massage technique. Amazing as well as terrifying things happened.

As soon as I began to massage the left toe of this 'supernatural person', I suddenly felt a tremendous pressure within an area about 10 cm long and 6 cm wide, that vigorously hit me on my back directly at the location of my tanzhong (an acupuncture point located at approximated the center of the chest). It gave me an extremely strange feeling, like an electric shock, which penetrated my whole body, making me feel cold from head to toe.

I cried out: 'who pushed me?' but didn't see anybody when I turn around. The supernatural person's wife and my friends who were standing behind me said at the same time: 'Nobody pushed you'...I had obtained 'Futi' (spirit or animal possession). After learning Falun Dafa I now understand that 'Futi' means human body possession by an evil spirit(s) existing in other dimensions.

At that time my words were incoherent: I couldn't control my mouth, even though I was clear in my mind. I was getting worse after I returned to my friend's home. My friend exhorted me to burn joss sticks for the Buddha statue. Suddenly I had a severe headache just when I inserted the lighted joss sticks into the incense-burner in front of the Buddha statue, which was located in the family hall for worshipping Buddha. I had to be sent back to Mount View city.

Because of no signs showing that the continuous, severe headache was getting better, I was then sent to the neurosurgical emergency room in the General Hospital in San Francisco, California. I was diagnosed as intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) by computed tomography (CT) scanning, which showed liquid surfaces and shadows on the film. However, the diagnosis was inconsistent with my clinical symptoms: I didn't have nuchal rigidity or vomiting, which should show up in ICH patients. I was treated as a difficult and complicated patient. To get further diagnosis, they sent me to the intensive care unit (ICU) as a dying patient. Nurses checked my heart beat, blood pressure and pulses every ten minutes, and input this data into a computer. Both my hands and feet were punctured with infusion needles. Doctors rushed in and out, and my family members were kept outside of my door.

Because of not having symptoms of ICH, I had to be checked up further. I had magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) twice, a lumber punctuation to exam the cerebrospinal fluid, a cerebral angiography, a transcranial Doppler ultrasound, and ophthalmoscope examinations many times. I was tortured by the frequent check ups with the modern accurate instruments, repeated blood drawing, and medicine. I was almost dying after repeated group consultation of doctors and residents.

I would like to support their teaching and research on me done on me. I had been a teacher myself with several research projects on provincial and state level in China. Finally I almost suffocated in an isolated room when I had my second MRI examination. The only thing I could do was kicking my legs desperately to tell the people outside through the computer screen images. My daughter intensely asked them to discontinue the examination; otherwise, she would call for a police officer. They had to stop the MRI: the modern medical sciences finally spared my life.

It was a quite a strange case in medicine. They couldn't find the cause of my disease. Doctors, specialists and professors were all confused about it. I went back home with a feeble body. By that time I almost lost my eyesight.

(To be continued)

(Translated from: http://www1.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=9718)

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