Dimensions and Modern Medicine (II)

PureInsight | May 28, 2001

As a doctor I was aware of the prognosis for someone with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). My physical condition had reached the extreme point. My blood sugar was extremely high and my pulse was very weak. I was faint and in constant pain.

One morning in June 1998, a couple who were previously my patients and who had later become my friends, visited me at home and brought me a book. When I took hold of the book, three glittering Chinese characters "Zhuan Falun" caught my eyes. I was shocked. This is a book from heaven. I could see clearly that the characters of "Lunyu" (a statement of comments) protruded from the surface of the paper. When I put my hand between the page of "Lunyu" and the front cover, the shadow of the characters of "Lunyu" fell on my palm. My daughter cried, my friends were touched, and I was like a lost child returned to his mother's bosom.

Afterwards, nearby practitioners voluntarily came to my home to teach me the Falun Dafa exercises. On July 4, 1998, with my daughter's help, I went to Stanford University to attend my first group practice. Teacher's fashen (Law Body) provided me a Falun (Law Wheel) when I practiced "holding the law wheel before head." I joined a Falun Dafa group study that night, and two days later I began the nine-day videotape seminar taught by Master Li. Practitioners took care of me and helped me selflessly. They transported me to the practice site and group study in all kinds of weather for a year. I felt the Buddha nature bloom in my heart and a lot of attachments disappeared gradually. I felt I was assimilating to the Fa. My determination in cultivation was strengthened and my health was dramatically improved.

Falun Dafa has solved a lot of puzzles for me. I understand that good or evil comes from one's spontaneous thoughts, the primordial spirit is immortal, all objects have a soul, the theory of evolution is wrong, prehistoric culture is real, and many other dimensions exist. I understand that one has to improve his xinxing (heart-mind nature, moral quality) and show his Buddha nature to avoid disaster and hardship. He should be compassionate, be able to endure hardship, do good deeds and think about others first all the time, and he should not pursue anything. As we improve our xinxing, master will transform our karma to virtue, and transform our virtue to Gong for us.

Master said, "Attain without pursuit." After I got the Fa, I spent all my spare time reading Zhuan Falun. I came to understand the real mechanism and cause of disease, and cared little for my disease and my pain, since I knew that all the pains were karma being transformed. It was all good things.

After I studied Falun Dafa for a year, a miracle was witnessed on my body. Early one morning in March 1999, I was awakened at about 3 a.m. by acute pain in my left leg. I yelled out to my daughter, "hurry up, bring me some hot water!" I wanted to warm up the painful leg. My daughter reminded me that this was the cleansing of my body by Master Li. Just at that moment I felt an immense force as lightening dashed out from the bottom of my left foot. The acute pain stopped right away. I was pale and feeble and my whole body was dripping wet. Out of his great compassion, master had saved my life again. My daughter and I cried and made the gesture heshi (pressing the two hands together in front of the chest) to express our appreciation to Master Li. I realized that the futi (spirit or animal possession) that was attached to my body had been cleaned up. From then on, I could control myself and talk clearly and I could calm down and concentrate when I did the meditation.

When San Francisco General Hospital heard about this miracle, the neurosurgeons asked for information about Falun Gong. Several doctors and nurses wanted to learn Falun Gong. The power of Falun Dafa was evidenced on my body.

This is my personal experience from having futi to getting the Fa. Contemporary medicine could not find the cause of my disease and make the correct diagnosis after many examinations, which is all documented in the hospital records. My point is that in order for contemporary medicine to make a significant improvement, we have to pay more attention to morality and breakthrough the physical dimension which can be seen by the naked eye. In another dimension, there is a kind of white substance, called De (virtue, a form of matter), which is gained by doing good deeds and brings happiness to people. There is also a kind of black substance, called karma, which is acquired by doing wrong deeds such as killing, bullying, hurting other people and taking what belongs to others. These substances are accumulated not in just one lifetime, but over the course of many lives. Moreover, karma will bring hardships and suffering. One of the causes of disease is karma, which is manifested as viruses and bacteria in this physical dimension. Another cause of disease is spirit or animal possession due to one's karma or evil thoughts. My illness fell into the second category. Contemporary medicine has restrained itself to this physical dimension which can be seen by the naked eye. It can't see other dimensions or the relationship between karma and disease. Falun Dafa practitioners can see this relationship clearly and achieve physical health through cultivation practice. Contemporary medicine cannot reach that point.

(Translated from: http://www1.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=9720)

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