Thoughts about gravity and the Rotating Mechanism

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PureInsight | June 25, 2001

Newton’s view of the moon’s rotation around the earth was that it was similar to a ball tied to a rope and being swung over a person’s head. The ball does not fly away; and the rope is pulled tightly. He saw gravitation as the pulling force of the rope and defined it as directly proportionate to the mass of the two objects and inversely proportionate to the square of the distance between these two objects.

Despite the fact that scientists at NASA have calculated the orbits of the moon and other objects circling the earth, such as Pioneer 10, the actual radius of orbits of these satellites does not agree with the calculations. American scientists are questioning the accepted theory of gravitation. For many years, the scientists at NASA have been wondering why the speeds of some spacecraft are slowing down and deviating from the orbits calculated by the formula of gravitation.

Why does the theory of gravitation work in the solar system but not in other places? It is because the assumptions that gravity are based on were deduced from data obtained by observing the solar system. That is, Newton did not really find a rope between the earth and the moon, but he assumed that gravity was like a rope. During Newton’s time, the orbit model of the planets in the solar system just conformed to the mathematical model of gravitation. But many observations beyond our solar system have shown that planets in other solar systems are not rotating in orbits that fit the theory of gravitation. Observations of Pioneer 10 are providing direct proof that gravity is not controlling its orbital radius either.

Another mistake in Newton’s assumption is that he oversimplified the question: When we swing a ball on a rope, will the orbit of the ball be circular or oval? The rotating mechanism described by Teacher Li is extremely complicated. The following is just an understanding at my current level.

Every celestial body is ringed by “railway tracks”, which do not exist in the dimensions that we can see with our naked eyes; they exist in other dimensions. Those orbits are not only the tracks, but also the forces that drive objects along their orbital paths.

Every orbiting object follows the rotation of a larger celestial body. And the different celestial bodies form different orbits. The nine planets that rotate around the sun each have their own orbital configuration. The larger one will spur on the smaller one, which is just like the precise fit of the teeth between gears. The satellites of the nine planets circle the planets, while the planets circle the sun. Thus, the satellites are also circling the sun. At the same time the sun rotates within the Milky Way galaxy, which is also rotating within a universe. So they are all in linked orbits. But such a precise mechanism does not exist in our visible dimension. Why does the orbital path of a spacecraft not follow the predicted path? The reason is that it crosses another orbital path and has to change from its original “track”. The gravitational pull between heavenly bodies is not the real reason for the orbital change. Therefore, when spacecraft fly outside of the solar system, the orbit of the sun no longer controls them. Then the “gravitation” in the solar system becomes invalid.

In "Zhuan Falun" Teacher said, “At his level, Sakyamuni brought up the theory of three thousand worlds, which is to say that in this Milky Way there are also people with flesh bodies like those of our human race. He also mentioned that a grain of sand contains three thousand worlds, and this agrees with the understanding of our modern physics. What’s the difference between the rotation pattern of electrons orbiting nuclei and that of Earth orbiting the sun? Therefore, Sakyamuni said that at the microscopic level, a grain of sand contains three thousand worlds. It is just like a universe with life and matter within.”

The rotation pattern of electrons orbiting nuclei is just like that of Earth orbiting the sun. Therefore a heavenly body like the earth is composed of the even smaller particles, so it will conform to the rotation pattern of the smaller particles. The rotating mechanism is composed of the particles within other dimensions, so it should conform to the rotation pattern of smaller particles. It is a bit like small gears and small screws making up small parts, and the smaller parts making up the bigger parts, which make up a piece of equipment. The equipment may in turn, be installed in a piece of machinery, such as a train, plane, rocket, or ship, etc. But the make up of the universe is more complicated and precise than that of human machinery. Modern scientists cannot imagine the dynamics of the universe.

All the above is my only my own understanding. If there are mistakes, please point them out so I can correct them.

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