Conservation of Matter

PureInsight | June 11, 2001

In the scientific field, there is a popular concept: “Matter does not become extinct”. This principle can manifest in physics, chemistry or nuclear reactions. It manifests as conservation of energy, conservation of mass, conservation of electric charge, conservation of momentum, conservation of angle momentum, conservation of symmetry, etc. Science, however, is limited to what the eyes can see, what equipment can measure and what seems plausible from the use of deductive reasoning.

Li Hongzhi has stated that, “With every object there exists a living being, a life that has already been injected into it when the object was formed.” (Falun Gong, revised version). This living being does not become extinct. For example, when a bowl is produced from a factory, it exists as a life. Its function in this human world is to be a bowl, as we know. It also undergoes the life processes of formation, maintenance, degeneration and elimination. Formation is the process of producing the bowl, maintenance means it will exist for a period of time, degeneration means that the bowl may have a nick (clay or glass bowls may nick, for instance) or becomes rusty (such as a steel bowl may). It is because it deviates from the characteristic of the universe that it degenerates and becomes oxidized. Elimination means when the bowl is broken or destroyed and the life being (primordial spirit) is released from the bowl. “People living in temples get upset when they break a bowl because the moment it is destroyed, the living being is released. It did not finish its journey of life, and so would have nowhere to go. Therefore it will have extreme hatred for the person who killed it. The angrier it gets, the more karma the person has created.” (Falun Gong, revised version). When this living being completes its life process, a new cycle of samsara [“six-fold path of reincarnation” – ed.]begins and the cycle repeats itself. Thus, all objects have a life being and the life being does not become extinct. Modern science can not detect this.

After burning something, scientists determine the mass of the remaining materials and the released carbon dioxide and find that the mass stays the same before and after burning. They call this “the law of conservation of matter.” In so doing, they are referring only to the mass of physical matter. Those in the cultivation field have learned, for example that burning incense involves the following process: “After the substance on this side has vanished, the object on the other side is set free and released. At the same time, the object on this side can then go over to that side. So the substance on this side is quite precious to that side. This is because through being burned the substance on this side has already been transformed, and it’s different from the substance when it was on this side.” (Falun Buddha Fa, lectures in the United States) This explains the true transformation process of matter. It involves other dimensions. If the matter on this side wants to go to that side, it can be reached through burning or other mechanisms of the universe. If the matter from this side is directly taken to that side, the life being in that world will regard it as filthy. The Gods created all matter in our human world from a substance, that to Gods, is dirt. All earthly matter is composed of molecules, which to Gods is extremely filthy. Therefore the matter in our dimension is dirty to Gods.

“Haven’t we addressed that matter does not become extinct? Within a specific dimension, what a person has done or what a person does with a wave of his hand is all material existence, and anything he does will leave an image and a message. In another dimension it does not become extinct and will stay there forever. A person with supernormal abilities will know what happens by looking at the existing images in the past.” (Zhuan Falun). Because space has many levels, apparently the materials in the human space disappear but in a more microscopic space they do not disappear. Just like after a person dies, his body composed of flesh and bones disappears in the human world, while the body composed of his primordial spirit still exists in a more microscopic space. It will enter the cycle of samsara (reincarnation) again and live endlessly. Therefore, different levels of lives have different perceptions about the conservation of matter. From a very high level, all matter in the universe does not become extinct, including the living beings themselves.

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