Preliminary Discussion of New Science

Dan Yang

PureInsight | February 27, 2003

The Mass of Matter

[] Our world is made of matter. By definition, matter is anything that takes a certain amount of space and can be felt by one's perception and senses. It possesses mass and it assumes space. To understand matter, one must first understand space and mass. Perception and senses, which are subjective, differ between individuals. Mass is defined as the measure of the inertia of matter; it is a body's resistance to acceleration. We are taught to believe that mass is an inherent property (the root of the word "inertia" means "inherent") of a body. However, this point of view is seriously questionable.

According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, force is equal to the product of mass and acceleration (F=m*a). What exactly is force? Force is anything that tends to change the state of rest or motion in a body. But, our understanding of mass revolves around force and inertia. Force is external to a body. Counterforce will be generated if and only if a force is applied to a body. Although we still believe that force and counterforce occur at the same time, there exactly is a cause and effect relationship between the two. The mass of an object remains the same regardless of how and where it is measured. In 1905, based on this, Albert Einstein published the Special Theory of Relativity. He declared that the mass of an object is a measurement of its total energy. For instance, when the energy of an object increases in its kinetic energy or temperature, its mass goes up. The mass of an object dictates its inertia and inertia yields the resistance to acceleration. When force is constant, an increase in the mass results in a decrease in the acceleration, and vice versa.

What gives matter the property of inertial mass? Physicists sometimes refer to Mach's Principle but it amounts to a link but not a conclusion. In 1992, Alfonso Rueda, a professor at the California State University at Long Beach, proved Newton's Second Law using classical Newtonian physics. Until then, the law was a basic assumption in Newtonian physics, and had never been proven. The analysis and proof of this law is based on the assumption that there exists a background - a sea of photons - a zero-point electromagnetic field of quantum vacuum. Visible light is a narrow spectrum in the range of electromagnetic waves. Alfonso Rueda, Bernard Haisch (staff physicist at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in Palo Alto, California) and Hal Puthoff said a long time ago that mass is an illusion. A body's resistance to acceleration is not due to its inherent mass. As soon as the acceleration comes into being, the zero-point field will induce a counterforce. To put it in simple terms, there is a background "sea of photons" that fills in the universe, which generates a counterforce to resist acceleration whenever any object is pushed. That is why substances in the world look solid and stable. In 1988, Alfonso achieved the same conclusion using Einstein's Theory of Relativity in his theoretical analysis. Every single moment of this concrete world of matter is in fact supported by a "sea of photons." The world is immersed in a "sea of photons," which produces a force that resists any acceleration when a body is acted upon. That is why matter that constitutes our world looks solid and stable [1].
From this, we can see that considering mass as an inherent property of an object is somewhat erroneous. Furthermore, the measurement of mass is closely related to the concept of weight. Mass defined in this way is termed "gravitational mass." In the 19th century, Roland (1848-1919) demonstrated through experiments that gravitational mass was no different from inertial mass.

From the definition of mass and based upon the principles of Falun Dafa, it has come to our awareness that mass as studied in modern science is equivalent to the restriction experienced by a body within the limits of an environment.

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference", Master said, "It happens because all lives and all matter, including air and water, that are on Earth and within the Three Realms—all things that exist in the Three Realms—are composed of particles of all the different levels in the Three Realms, and different particles of different levels are interconnected." My understanding of the word "all" in "… are composed of particles of all the different levels in the Three Realms" is as follows. If there were 100 levels in the Three Realms, then any object within the Three Realms would have the particles of these 100 levels. A being exists at that level that corresponds to his primordial spirit. Thus, this is what the Master refers to when he said a being or a life that forms within the Three Realms has its simultaneous forms of existence across levels. It has been mentioned in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun that, "We have found that when a person is born, there are many of him born simultaneously within a certain scope of this cosmic space. They all look alike with the same name, and they do similar things. Therefore, they can also be called part of his whole entity." In "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference" Master also said, "Of course, the same interconnection exists in objects of the same weight but of different volumes. An object that has a small volume but a high density has the same amount of interconnection as an object that has a large volume, so it feels like they weigh the same." "The surface of Earth is the boundary of one level. Within this level things can move horizontally since they are all at the same level. But when something moves towards a level beyond its level, it will be pulled back, because the things on Earth are in the realm where particles at this level exist."

From this, we know that a body placed at different levels of space probably experiences different degrees of restriction. As a matter of fact, it is indeed different. Newton's equation of the Law of Universal Gravitation explains this: F=m1m2G/d2, where G is the gravitational constant. The difference in the restricting force results from the changes of interconnection among particles at different levels. That is to say, the mass of an object may change according to the environment in which it exists and the nature of its interconnection changes as well. Our measurement of mass is based on m=F/a. This equation is applicable to macro bodies that move at low speed. Why do I say it is not applicable to bodies that move at high-speed and accelerate?

From the principles of Falun Dafa, we understand that "slow-moving, macro level" refers to vertical spaces that have simultaneous time-space existence, while "fast-moving, velocity of light" corresponds to other spaces horizontally. When an object is accelerated to a certain extent, it will finally break across spaces. It is conceivable that spaces along the vertical axis differ considerably from spaces along the horizontal axis. In order to understand an object's mass more accurately, we must have a more precise understanding of spaces.

Other Dimensions

It is possible that contemporary science's understanding of this dimension that we exist in is problematic. Let's put that aside for now. Let us analyze why Einstein's understanding of time and space of is superior to that of others. Einstein postulated that the speed of light is constant, and this forms the basis of his theory. I personally think that he would receive more inspiration from reading the Bible than from speculating on the extreme speed of light. It was recorded in "Genesis" of the Bible that, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters, which were under the firmament from the waters that were above the firmament: and it was so. " Jesus also said, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

Let us not talk about the surprising similarity between "Genesis" in the Bible and the ancient legends about the creation of the universe in Chinese mythology for the moment. It is clear that light in our universe is created in the very beginning.

Einstein's famous mass-energy equation (E=mc2) is known to most of us. But why is the energy of a body associated with the constant speed of light? Why is there so much energy in the nucleus? Moreover, what is the true nature of nuclear energy?

According to the principles of Falun Dafa, I do not think the so-called wave-particle duality truly exists. In my opinion, particles are the only things that exist. Light is a type of particle. I think macro-mechanical waves of particles in our dimension are results from the motion of bodies that have simultaneous spatial existence but in different dimensions. Electromagnetic waves in our space correspond to the motion of bodies that exist in other lateral microscopic dimensions. Energy in our space results from the disintegration of bodies in higher dimensions. In other words, if we could understand the micro view of different levels, we would be able to draw a mass-energy equation for different levels. This equation is premised on the existence of underlying dimensions.

Other scientists, including researchers from the Ghassemi Institute for Technology Transfer, put forward a matter theory of time-space. They believe that in space there exists a water-like matter that is able to induce a vortex, which then gives rise to the condensation and formation of matter and its vertical rotational property, resulting in the motion of bodies. This matter permeates all other matter and transmits electromagnetic waves and vibration. Atoms, sub-atoms, light and radiation stem from electromagnetic waves. Without its own waveform, matter ceases to exist. Like ripples on water, when vibration stops, waveform disappears, and all that remains is water. If the vibration of a matter ceases, it will go back tostillness. Ancient people in the East referred to this mysterious matter as "qi", and ancient people in the West called it "ether." This concept was abandoned around the dawn of the 20th century. Now it appears that modern science has returned to the doorstep of our ancient forefathers after a roundabout. Although scientific terms might be used to describe the phenomenon, the inner meaning is still the same. For instance, scientists can not explain why the universe is 80% dark matter. In addition, they can not discover dark matter. The only logical explanation is that there are different states of existence, and there exist particles that have fluid-like properties. When they are not in motion, there appears to be a vacuum space. When they are in motion, we see the appearance of particles in the universe. The American Physics Society at Long Beach, California is a proponent of this theory. They hold that gluons do not exist. Nucleic force as observed is actually the result of the pressure from time and space and there are no gluons. The only reason that people believe in the existence of dark matter is that we assume that time-space (empty space) is devoid of mass and pressure. But according to these scientists, if we take the pressure from time and space into consideration, we will see that there is no dark matter in the universe, and all galaxies are floating in the immense and boundless fluid [2].

If this theory is correct, it will bring a revolutionary change to the current science. The scientists who proposed this hypothesis suggested a new formula on mass: m=gL3. Here L3 stands for the space a body occupies, while g is a conversion constant between matter and space (which needs to be derived based on experiments or theoretical calculation). Nonetheless, this formula coincides with the ancient theory of qi in both the East and the West, that is, "gathering together to form a shape, dispersing to exist as a matter."

"The average practitioners or those who just begin to develop gong (cultivation energy) generate very coarse grains of energy with gaps and low density. Thus, it has little power. When one's level becomes higher, it is completely possible that the density of one's energy will be one hundred times, one thousand times, or 100 million times higher than that of ordinary water molecules. The higher one's level, the denser, finer-grained, and more powerful one's energy" (Zhuan Falun).

In my understanding, in low-level dimensions, the energy grains are coarse and of low density, with weak power and small mass. Therefore, there exists a proportional relationship. Thus, I think mass can be defined as m=EL3=EV0= VV0. The meanings of variables are as following:

m refers to the relationships. However, it is only involved in the difference between horizontal dimensions, and is a rough guess. There are two kinds of mass: one is the individual particle in a certain small dimensions, while the other one is a particle group in a large dimension. These two masses are not the same. The concept of mass in contemporary science is the latter one.

E refers to the energy that this matter carries in a certain level. That is to say, there are different energies at different levels; the energy at a certain level is determined by the size of corresponding particle(s) in other dimensions.

V0 is its volume in this dimension.

V is the corresponding volume in this dimension for a matter in other dimensions. It is not the size determined by our naked eyes. It is the size of the matter in other dimensions that corresponds to the particle vibration wave in this dimension. It is the corresponding energy in this dimension, and it is determined by the vibration frequency of the particle.

Because other dimensions are too complicated, my understanding may not be complete. In addition, what I am trying to do here is to simply point a general direction instead of making conclusions. So I do not dare to explain what I think in details.


It has already been known that macroscopic objects we normally see are not directly composed of atoms or molecules. Instead, they are composed of molecule clusters or atom clusters. Such clusters will determine the properties of macroscopic matter, such as metal, alloy, water, air, and wood. It occurred to me that what such particle clusters demonstrate is already close to what Master Li's teaching that different particle arrangements will lead to different surface matter. Let us take water as an example. We all know that water is chemically neutral. But a study done by Thelma MacAdam found that it is actually the best solvent that we know. It can hydrate other matter. In other words, water molecules always tend to cluster surrounding other molecules to afford either aggregation or oligomer. Another example is steel. Completely unlike what we learned in chemistry textbooks, steel is actually not a pure substance and is actually composed of clusters consisting of iron atoms and carbon atoms. The exception to that is the ancient iron pole found in Delhi, India that is purer than what we can currently manufacture [3].

In my opinion, since waves are the manifestations of particles in other dimensions, then sound is the clusters of sound particles, color is clusters of light particles, while characters are clusters of character particles. Therefore, pleasant sound is composed of beautiful and regular sound particles, pretty pictures are composed of attractive and elegant light particles, while touching articles are composed of wonderful character groups. If we were able to actually see other dimensions, we may even find that these things are actually composed of cells of individual beings.

In our cosmos, this vibration of particles is the source of all the movements that we can sense, and it is the only manifestation of energy that we are able to recognize.

The resonance between particles is the basis of all information communication. In other words, it is the only manifestation of life forms in our material world. Each cluster with different size and structure has a different frequency in terms of vibration and resonance. All known energy forms (such as electron-magnetic waves) are transferred based on the resonance of these groups of different sizes. That is to say, different groups use electro-magnetic waves of different bandwidth to communicate. Chinese sayings such as "When people have one heart, the Mountain Tai can be moved" and "Use gentleness to subdue toughness" are illustrations to the resonance phenomena.

Wolfgang Ludwig, a physicist and advisor to World Research Foundation, said that, industrial water treatment processes will leave a message in water, and water can pass such messages onto other systems. Although water can be pasteurized by chemicals, the electron-magnetic resonance in a certain bandwidth caused by pollution cannot be removed—such vibration frequency precisely reflects the pollutant. Therefore, even after purification, polluted water still contains messages that are bad for health. Yes, water does have memory. Scientists have already proved that. Johann Grander's research showed that, if heavy metals or nitrates had polluted water, the vibration messages would be retained even after complete chemical treatment of filtering purification. Jacques Benveniste (a professor at French National Institute for Health and Medical Research of the University of Paris) has completed several experiments that proved that water has memory. Lynn Trainer, a professor of theoretical physics at University of Toronto, repeated Dr. Benveniste's experiments, and stated that the results of experiments showed that water is able to retain "physical" memory. Johann Grander's research was carried out based on three principles: 1) water is a kind of message carrier; 2) water has memory; 3) The negative message in water can be erased; [4] So far, the most direct and impressive research on water's sensibility and memory are the water crystallization experiments carried by Masaru Emoto, President of the IHM General Research Institute in Japan.

There was an interesting anecdote on resonance research. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was an electronic engineer and a physicist. He discovered the mechanism of alternating current (AC) in 1818. Many of his research results went unpublished for many years. Among them were many breakthroughs. Nikola Tesla was once fascinated by resonance phenomena, and he successfully created a resonance unit that could generate a manmade earthquake. One day evening, he went out for a walk in Manhattan after dinner. He fixed the clock-sized resonance unit onto the steel frame of a large building that was still under construction. He then adjusted the resonance frequency to a certain value. Within several minutes, the entire building started to shake and even the ground under the building started to quake. The workers there were scared, thinking an earthquake was happening. The police arrived very soon. Of course, Nikola Tesla took off the resonance unit before it caused damage. [5]

Based on the refreshing research of Nikola Tesla, Robert Monroe, the founder of The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia started to investigate the feasibility of doing such research on the sleeping pattern in 1958. The results obtained were quite astonishing. Through testing the effects of sound frequency on the brain, Monroe successfully isolated a previously unknown sensibility from the physical body—the research team called it Out-of-Body Experience. From that time, this term has been widely used to describe certain mysterious mind states. The sound mechanism he used was binaural beat frequency modulation, which is well known among electronic engineers as the key mechanism of the modern radio technologies. The only difference was that, Monroe applied that concept on the biophysical field instead of electronics.

The resonance between the particles has also caused the so-called holographic phenomenon [6].

An important event happened in 1982. That year, the research team led by physicist Alain Aspect in Paris University performed what I think is the most important experiment in the 20th century. Rarely known to the public, his discovery has the potential to change science completely. Aspect and his team found that under a certain environment, subatomic particles such as electrons could synchronously communicate with one another no matter how far away they are from each other, whether they are 10 feet away or 1 billion kilometers away. Moreover, each particle seems to always know what another particle is doing.

This discovery poses a serious challenge to the most basic principle of Einstein's Theory of Relativity that the speed of light cannot be exceeded. If the speed of light can be surpassed, the barrier of time is then broken. It sounds too scary to be true. Some physicist tried to explain the results with conventional theories and prevent Aspect from drawing any radical explanations. But David Bohm, a physicist at London University, believes that the discovery means the objective reality does not exist. No matter how real our universe looks, it is virtually nothing but an illusion and an enormously grand and exhaustive hologram.

Throughout almost the entire history of western science, it has been developed based on one erroneous belief that the best method to study any physical phenomenon, whether it is fog or a atom, is to divide it into pieces and study those fragments one by one, no matter what it was. But the holographic phenomenon showed to us that many things in the universe could not be studied like this. If we cut a holographic entity into pieces, what we get is a group of smaller entities and not separate parts of the whole entity. This idea inspired Bohm to understand the discovery of Aspect in a different way. Bohm believed that instead of sending and receiving mysterious signals among one another, the real reason why the subatomic particle could communicate with others despite the distance between them is that their apparent separation is a false illusion, He believes that in the physical world on deeper levels, these particles are not truly separated but still parts of one entity. While on the surface it seems that the particles were able to communicate with one another at a speed faster than that of light, Bohm believes that different subatomic particles are actually different parts of one entity or entities in deeper time space. According to him, the particles are not independent but components to different facades of an entity on a deeper and more fundamental level. Because everything in our material world is made of such "illusions", the universe itself is also a holograph. Bohm is bold enough to suggest that the reality that we currently see is simply a superficial level of a holographic film and there exists deeper levels of the universe.

Bohm is not the only researcher who found the evidence that the universe is a holograph. Neural physicist Karl Pribram, a researcher studying brain at Stanford University, also believes that the reality that we see is nothing but a holograph. Pribram was attracted by the holographic model because he was puzzled by how the brain stores information. His extensive study over several decades demonstrate that memory is not confined to a certain area of the brain but scattered all around on the brain. Lashley Karl conducted a series of experiments in the 1920s on the memory of mice, which became milestones in this area of research. He found that no matter what area of the brain he removed from a mouse, the mouse still was able to retain the memory of how to complete a certain complicated task that it had learned before the operation. It seemed impossible to find a reasonable mechanism to explain this feature of memory that "every part is the whole entity". In the 1960s, Pribram heard about the idea that the reality is nothing but a holograph and realized that it was the explanation that brain researchers had been searching for a long time. Pribram believes that the code of memory is not stored in either individual neurons or small groups of individual neurons. Instead, it is manifested as a holographic" film" made of the nerve stimulations all over the brain. In other words, Pribram believed the brain itself is a holograph.

A large body of evidence exists to support the theory that the brain functions on holographic principle. Pribram's theory has gained more and more support from the circle of neural physicists. The Argentina-born Italian researcher Hugo Zucarelli recently expanded the Holographic theory to explain the function of the brain. Zucarelli developed holographic sound recording technology that could reproduce voices and scenes almost perfectly realistically. Pribram believes that our brain could build a "tangible reality" through input of frequency range mathematically, and that theory I supported by numerous experiments. Scientists now accept that each of our sensory functions operates over quite a wide range of frequency, and this was something highly controversial until very recently Researchers also found that, for example, our vision system can sense the audio frequency; our taste relies on the frequency of smell to some extent; and even cells in our bodies can perceive many kinds of frequencies. These discoveries show that only after our consciousness processes this information on a holistic scale, can these frequencies be associated and classified into different feelings that we experience.

If Pribram's brain holographic model and Bohm's theory are combined, the result is truly amazing. If the reality of the world is nothing but a holograph, everything here is actually a holograph of frequencies, and the brain itself is a holograph projection. It simply selects certain frequencies from the large frequency holograph and converts them into sensations. What is the objective reality then? Simply speaking, it does not exist.

According to the theories of Bohm and Pribram, the material world is a mirage and is not real. Although we believe we exist materially and can move in this material world, it's an illusion. We are only receivers of the kaleidoscope of frequencies. We are nothing more than images extracted and reshaped from the hologram to this material world. This is called the Holographic Model. Though many scientists question it still, it has attracted the attention of more and more researchers. They believe that it could be the most accurate model of reality. Furthermore, some researchers think that the model may explain a lot of mysterious phenomena that science has not been able to explain for a long time. A lot of researchers, including Bohm and Pribram, realize that a lot of para-psychological phenomena become easily understandable according to the holographic model. Pribram also pointed out that in the holographic universe, even things that appear to happen by chance are meant to happen, and coincidental things suddenly carry special meaning. In fact, everything in the reality world becomes symbolic, and even the most unexpected thing occurs because there are certain associated reasons behind it.

From the section of "The Supernormal Ability of Clairvoyance" in Zhuan Falun, we know that "within a specific dimension, the human body has a field which is different from the field of de. They are not in the same dimension, but are the same size. This field corresponds to the universe. Whatever exists in the universe out there is correspondingly reflected here. Everything can be reflected. It is a kind of image, but it is not real. ... Reflected images are nonetheless a form of matter's existence, and they are the result of a corresponding reflection that changes according to changes over there. Thus, the supernormal ability of clairvoyance that some people refer to is to look at things within one's own dimensional field. "

We also know through precognition and retrocognition, one can only see images in one's own space field. Since observations obtained through supernormal abilities are not the truth, but only an image, what we see by our naked eyes and measurements done by instruments are actually not reality at all either. When they are manifested by our senses and measurements, they become resonance of particles, which means that there is really no such a thing as the concepts of big or small, or close or far in distance. Distance can become meaningless in one instant. Because of that, the concept of big or small also is now on shaky ground.


In modern science, by definition, time is the measurement that can distinguish two objects that occupy the same space and are identical in all aspects. It becomes meaningless if we add other space dimensions into the equation. For now, we will not discuss this aspect of it here and will just confine the discussion of time in one space dimension.

To talk about frequency, we can't not talk about space and time. There is no cause and effect relationship between frequency and time, but they are like a pair of twins. We know that in the real world the higher the frequency of vibration, the smaller the particle is and the smaller the amplitude of vibration is. According to the principles of Dafa, every particle is a space. That is to say, its time is consistent with the space that it occupies. In the physical world, the more microscopic a particle is, the wider its distribution us, and therefore, according to Dafa' principles, the larger spatial dimension that the particles as a whole occupy.

Time can be measured by converting it to space. Other spaces can be converted into their frequencies is time-space. So I think frequency measured by today's scientific method can be used as the conversion factor for other time-spaces. Therefore I believe that my definition of mass: m =EV0 =VV0 is quite reasonable.

Work, Energy, and Force

On the surface, work, energy and force seem to be clearly different matters. In reality, these three are hard to distinguish both in terms of their definitions and in terms of physical reality. I remembered it was Mr. Newton who first coined the tmer "power." Newton was a scholar of the Holy Bible. By dictionary definition, the original meaning of power is "force, power, deity". God in the heaven is "the Powers above". Combine the common meaning of "power" in East and West, roughly its meaning is the cause (kinetic energy) for things to change and the reason (potential energy) to keep things not changed. To put it in more abstract terms, work is existence and the reason for existence.

But according to concept of material, things that can be perceived are considered material! It seems that we have come back in a full circle. If we are still willing to think that the definition of matter is correct after such a walk about, we will see that all of our universes are different expressions of energy and simply different sides of the manifestation of energy. Even if we do not use Einstein's mass-energy equation, we can still see this.

We also see that the mass, or more specifically, energy, is only meaningful to a specific realm. I hope that we will be able to use this as the starting point to more deeply explore the essence of all these phenomena – life.


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