Tales from the Practice of Medicine: The Case of Nancy (Part 3): Cancer and Karma

Yu Ling

PureInsight | April 7, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Nancy is Nordic, tall, strong and always walks fast. She has a masculine personality and carries an air of supreme self-confidence. It seems that she could solve any problem in her life with just a lift of the finger. The unexpected, though, was that a fatal disease threatened her life, a disease out of her control and one that was without a doubt controlled by a power higher than her.

The cause of cancer cannot clearly be explained and human beings cannot cure it. The disease, a devil that could easily take her life away, started to haunt her. Although she prepared for the worst, she continuously experienced mishaps from the beginning of her treatment, such as an unexpected power failure in the middle of her surgery, a ceiling-mounted light fixture falling on her chest during an earthquake, and other odd incidents. What shocked her the most was the fact that her surgery wound wouldn't heal after she mistakenly thought the doctor was talking about her when he mentioned that a patient's case was hopeless. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, however, the wound healed quickly. It made her realize that her bodily condition was very closely related to her mind. She began to think about the relationship between karma and spirit. Later on, she came to see me. "Doctor, I started to examine and criticize myself now," Nancy said.


"I was too harsh toward others. I always examined others using a high standard. I thought that if a person could not go to college, that was only because he or she was too lazy."

She continued, "I helped a lot of helpless kids and I also sent many mothers to jail, because I did not think that they were qualified to be mothers. I stopped talking to my brother because of our conflict decades ago. Doctors and nurses who knew me were all nervous when they saw me. That one nurse was so nervous that she could not find a vein when she tried to give me an injection."

"When my soul saw my body in the operating room, being cut and sections removed, I felt spiritual rather than physical pain. When God created my life, it was healthy and energetic, but I did not treasure it. Instead, I treated it like a car. I went on a rampage and damaged my body. When the doctors treated me, they were giving the punishments the Gods had ordered for me."

"Now, my breasts, which had been a part of my body for 58 years, are gone. When I lost them, I realized that I had returned the organ, the female embodiment, to God. I am too rigid and strong-willed. In the past, I wished I were a male. However, now that I have a flat chest like a man, I feel suddenly empty and unbalanced."

She stopped and took a deep breath.

(To be continued)

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/12/20381p.html

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