Tales from the Practice of Medicine: The Case of Nancy (Part 5): A Developing Story

Yu Lin

PureInsight | April 7, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Nancy's case is a true medical story. No one knows how it will turn out. Everything is still developing at the time of writing. It is beyond her control whether she can survive each close encounter with death, despite the fact that she is the center of the case. It appears to me that the series of unfortunate events that have happened to Nancy were inevitable results of her karmic relationships. In my understanding, it is the karma that Nancy had created in her previous lives and current life that is now taking over her life so that she can pay the debts she owes. As a medical doctor, there is nothing I can do except to advise Nancy, in a way she can understand and accept, to conduct herself with compassion.

People often ask what causes cancer. [From the perspective of modern medicine,] there are many causes of cancer, such as genetics, lifestyle (e.g. , smoking and drinking), environmental factors (e.g. , pollution), dietary preferences, personality, and so on. Actually, I don't think the modern scientific approach based on medical test results hardly does any justice [to understanding cancer]. Such an approach has ignored the karma factor in other dimensions based on the argument that no existing technology today allows man to touch or see other dimensions.

During the course of Nancy's medical treatment, I saw a problem I did not notice before. It is a problem shared by many of my cancer patients, and I only noticed it after I had interacted with these patients for a long time. Many cancer patients hold grudges for a very long time. In one's life, one is bound to hear very unpleasant words [spoken about oneself]. [Some choose to forget them,] but many of my cancer patients choose to remember the words that made them unhappy and they hold grudges forever.

Nancy's diet and exercise regiment would make an excellent book on health. The calories in her daily diet are precisely calculated. The amount of protein and vitamins in her diet are always measured precisely with a chart. The total walking distance and rate of her heartbeat always fall right within the safety range of the computer on the treadmill. However, little does she know that it is a completely different set of standards that determines a person's life span and his or her health.

I have told Nancy before the cause and effect relationship between one's health and cultivation. I have also told her what it means for a person to cultivate themselves according to "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance." However, Nancy complained to me angrily, "You did not tell me clearly that cultivating Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance will cure me."

I asked her in return, "When I asked you to seek inward for anything you might have done wrong, you declared that you had never done anything wrong."

I see that Nancy protects her most stubborn attachments in a tough shell where no chemotherapy or laser treatment can reach. She does not understand that she created the karma that is claiming her life, and her notions are obstructing her from seeing the truth like a sheet of paper in front of her eyes.

Nancy is still actively seeking the best doctors, the best medicine, the preferred treatment plan and a cure that yields immediate results. She is busy traveling between hospitals, but her faith in medicine is failing after continuous disappointments. Nancy refuses to believe in fate or God, but slowly she opens herself to a little faith: "Perhaps my karma is the reason for my cancer, and perhaps God does exist."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/3/24/20956.html

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