Previous Incarnations and Present Life: Liu Sanfu Can Remember Three Previous Lives

Wen Shi

PureInsight | June 9, 2003

[Series note: People encounter and befriend one another because of predestined relationships. With that in mind, one cannot talk about predestined relationships without talking about reincarnation. In this series, we will introduce stories of incarnations from ancient Chinese historical books. Hopefully these stories will inspire us all to treat everyone we meet with kindness.]

[] Liu Sanfu lived in the Tang Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Wuzong. He was poor but he was good at writing. Prime Minister Li Deyu met Liu Sanfu on a trip to the western part of Zhejiang province. He recommended Liu Sanfu to take the imperial examination and Liu passed the examination easily. Over the course of his life, he served as a cabinet minister several times.

Liu Sanfu remembered things from three of his previous lives. He said, "I used to be a horse in one of my previous lives. The horse was always thirsty. When it saw rest areas, it would be so happy that it would begin to whine. It felt a lot of pain when its hooves were wounded."

Whenever Liu Sanfu rode a horse, he would slow down if the ground was hard, and he would get down from the horse and remove the stones if the road was stony. There were no doorsills in his house to avoid hurting horse hooves.

Reference: Trivial Stories of North Dreams (Bei Meng Suo Yan)

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