Seeing the Real World through Buddha Fa

Yu Qi

PureInsight | May 5, 2003

[] Some time ago, one of my fellow cultivators, Mr. A, offered me a book which told a story about how a stone could walk. I was asked to rewrite the story in order to put it on the PureInsight website. After I looked unsuccessfully for some related articles, I became very doubtful about the truthfulness and reliability of the story. I asked myself, even if this story were true, what could it demonstrate that would be useful to readers of PureInsight?

This reminded me of a similar situation a long time ago. I was mailed a false story from a website, which talked about a mummy giving birth to a child. At that time Mr. A immediately found out that the story was a false one by searching through relevant websites. However, I was wondering why this time Mr. A definitely believed the truthfulness of the walking stone story. I asked Mr. A about how to recognize and identify whether an article from a website was true or false. He told me to examine them, and similar phenomena, based on the Fa.

Master teaches us in the "Lecture At The Conference In Switzerland" (September 4th and 5th, 1998, Geneva): "The heavens created man and woman. What was the purpose? It was to procreate future generations." Master also teaches us in "Conference in the Western US," "This is just saying that the reason you're alive in this world is not that you have this flesh body, nor is it because your mother gave you this body that you're alive. It is because you have your Primordial Spirit (yuanshen) and the existence of all of your other spirits (shen) that you're able to live. Why doesn't a person keep living after he dies and the body is laid there, even though it's the same body? It's because all of his Primordial Spirits have left. That is, if a person isn't given a spirit and isn't allowed to reincarnate at the time of birth, he'll still be dead after he's born." Therefore, by understanding it from the Fa-principles, anyone can easily realize that the story about a mummy giving birth to child was definitely false.

Master also teaches us in Zhuan Falun: "The Three Realms mentioned in the religion refer to nine heavens or thirty-three heavens. In other words, Heaven, Earth and the Under-world form the Three Realms.... If you reincarnate into a piece of rock, you will be unable to come out for ten thousand years. If that piece of rock is not smashed or weathered away, you will never be able to emerge." And, "In addition to human beings and animals, plants are also lives. Any matter's life can manifest in other dimensions. When your Celestial Eye reaches the level of Fa Eyesight, you will find that rocks, walls, or anything can talk to you and greet you." Therefore, the phenomena of the stone that can walk could be true because all objects on Earth are living beings with souls.

When I correctly realized the issue by understanding the principle based on the Fa, I immediately thought about the famous Chinese stories about Sun Wukong and Jia Baoyu, who were transformed from stones. In order to accurately describe the two stories, I researched various websites by keying in "stone" and "souls." To my surprise, I found information about a Chinese idiomatic phrase, "even a piece of stone would have been moved." Thus, I had a further understanding about the Fa-principles of stones and souls.

Master teaches us in "Lecture at the Conference in Europe" (May 30 & 31, 1998, in Frankfurt, Germany): "You probably know that a few days ago a certain country conducted nuclear tests, exploding five atomic bombs in succession. Many countries were shocked by this! That's because people around the world all long for peace. What were their atomic explosions for? I'm not invested in any [particular] notions. I'm only talking about people doing the wrong thing—I'm not commenting on whether that nation is right or wrong. Think about it, everyone. Although the nuclear bombs were detonated underground, gods don't tolerate the damage that they do to the earth, to the human environment, and to the material world that's composed of different [sized] molecules! When heaven punishes humans, they think it's a natural phenomenon. The temperature in that country immediately went up to the highest in the world. It stayed at over 50°C (122°F), and many people died from the heat. Later, a windstorm came along and also caused many deaths. People don't take these phenomena to be gods' warnings: 'You cannot do that.'" I had never understood the real meaning of this paragraph until now. Now that I have further and more deeply learned the principle that all objects have their own souls, I can fully understand the reason why God cannot tolerate human beings' destroying the environment.

Later at a cultivators' experience-sharing meeting, a friend talked about her experience, which was similar to mine: she once took part in the job of editing documents describing historical remains found on the bottom of sea. She found out that those researchers and scientists had determined the age of those historical remains to be twelve thousand years without providing any evidence to support the claim. She was wondering what great events happened twelve thousand years ago that made all these people recite the same date. In order to find out the missing piece, she exchanged her opinions with Mr. A, and they all agreed that the scientists' explanation for the age of the historical remains doesn't seem logical. She ended up writing an article that used both what she had learned from the researchers and her understanding from the Fa to explain the phenomenon. She presented her article logically and clearly. Later the two of them found out that according to the theory of evolution, twelve thousand years ago was the world-recognized age for the beginning of human civilization. Some scientists and researchers might have discovered evidence and proof to overthrow this theory. But they might be afraid of being criticized severely, or even worse, losing their jobs and social standing by insisting on publishing this evidence. So we reckon that those scientists felt they had to state the age of the historical remains as twelve thousand years.

In the world full of right and wrong, many people have become unsure about what is true and what is false. Some scientists and specialists do not believe what is taught in Zhuan Falun, even though they have read the book. However, they deeply believe the false evidence and theories they have been taught. Some people have been fooled by false and misleading information. As a result, they are unable to identify what is right and what is wrong.

Master teaches us in "Lun Yu": "Only through 'the Buddha Fa,' can the mysteries of the universe, time-space, and the human body be completely unveiled. It is able to truly distinguish what is righteous from evil, good from bad, and eliminate all misconceptions while providing what is correct." Master also teaches that "Throughout the ages, only 'the Buddha Fa' has been able to perfectly provide a clear exposition of humanity, every dimension of material existence, life, and the entire universe."

My understanding is this: If we can use our wisdom and understanding from the Fa, we are able to identify and recognize the truths and falsehoods of our world and of the universe. We are able to describe these truths clearly in order to present the real information to human beings, and in order to help those people who are lost in the human society. We can help them to see the real world clearly through the Fa.

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