What Does the Tyrant Fear?

Ji Qingcheng

PureInsight | July 21, 2003

"Herb Lord" Sun Simiao

[PureInsight.org] An ancient Chinese saying states, "A physician must treat his patients like a parent cares for his children." All the renowned physicians in Chinese history were, without exception, men of distinguished virtue and morals. Many of them cultivated as Taoists.

Later generations highly esteemed Sun Simiao, a famous Chinese physician in ancient China, also known as "Herbal Lord," for his distinguished medical skills and ethics. He named two of his most important medical works based on his medical creed, "A human life is priceless, more precious than thousands of pieces of gold. A correct prescription is precious because it can save a precious life."

Titles of these two masterpieces of medical literature are Prescriptions More Precious Than a Thousand Pieces of Gold and Additional Prescriptions More Precious Than a Thousand Pieces of Gold. These two medical literary works teach us the value of human life. He even wrote a preface entitled "A Great Physician Must Be Genuine and Sincere in His Profession" for his Prescriptions More Precious Than a Thousand Pieces of Gold. In this preface, Sun Simiao succinctly expounded on the moral requirements for a "great physician."

Ye Tianshi, an esteemed physician in the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1911 AD), once cautioned his son, "To become a doctor, one must be extremely intelligent and be willing to study over 10,000 volumes of medical books before he can relieve people of their illnesses." (From "The Biology of Ye Tianshi" in The Qing Dynasty, A History or Qing Shi Gao in Chinese.) During the Epoch of Spring and Autumn (between 770 – 403 B.C.), another well-known physician, Yi He of the Qin State, was highly praised for his moral values, "A great physician like Yi He heals the nation." These historic records indicate famous physicians shared great compassion toward people throughout Chinese history.

Thousands of years have passed. Although the modern age looks nothing like ancient times, one would expect the same level of medical ethics from today's medical doctors. On the contrary, during Jiang Zemin's regime, "rescuing the wounded and saving the dying" became merely a pat slogan, while morality and virtue were forgotten. Especially after China entered the big tide of the commodity economy, the thirst for wealth and personal interest has dominated the Chinese people.

At a pivotal moment during the outbreak of the SARS epidemic, the disease had claimed the lives of countless SARS patients and medical staff. Even so, Zhang Wenkang, a medical doctor and former Chinese Communist Party Health Minister, went to any length to lie about SARS statistics and cover up the epidemic, with the selfish purpose of securing Jiang Zemin's and his own political power. By doing so, Zhang Wenkang aided the spread of the SARS virus. Had it not been for the highly moral and righteous 70-year-old physician Jiang Yenyong, who resolutely revealed the truth about the extent of the SARS epidemic in China to the international media, God only knows how many more Chinese people could have died.

Random killing and fraud have been persistent habits of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This has practically become a tradition for the CCP. On June 4, 1989, fourteen years ago, the world was appalled that the CCP massacred innocent college students and Beijing residents in Tiananmen Square. Before the flood of blood at Tiananmen had even dried, the CCP had already announced to the world matter-of-factly, "Not a single student was killed at Tiananmen Square." Fourteen years later, when the SARS epidemic prevailed in China, Jiang Zemin's hand-picked Minister of Health announced in the same matter-of-fact manner, "The SARS epidemic has already been effectively contained, and traveling in China is absolutely safe."

The Chinese Communist Party's deceit about the June 4, 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square was followed by additional lies, which eventually numbed the conscience and morality of the Chinese people and made them apathetic and silent. During the fourteen years after the Tiananmen massacre, the righteous and truthful voices have been suppressed, and the morality of society has deteriorated. Normally a man would be fearful and guilty after he committed a crime; we, however, with our silence, encourage their wicked and vicious spirit. We cannot respond to these crimes with nonchalance and cowardice.

Related to this is another topic is worth considering: The Chinese Central Television Station had a very popular program called "Half an Hour at Noon." One day the host revealed a letter sent by a pickpocket from Shandong Province. This pickpocket was astoundingly arrogant. He dared to make a statement to challenge law and order in a letter to the public. The letter said, "Your program often calls for society to stand up against pickpockets. Let me tell you something! I am not in the least threatened by your slogans! Once I was caught when I tried to steal from a muscular guy on the bus. He shouted 'Thief!' At first I panicked, but I quickly pulled out a dagger and held it menacingly. When I saw the fear in everyone's eyes, I became bold and confident. I slapped the big fellow, and barked at him, 'What were you shouting about? Never seen a thief before?' Everyone on the bus remained silent, so my confidence grew even stronger. I ordered the bus driver to stop the vehicle and open the door for me, and I calmly and joyfully left the bus."

This cowardly silence from the muscular man and the other passengers on the bus is the very reason the scoundrel became fearless.

There is an ancient Chinese saying, "When a rat runs across the street, everyone will yell and try to eliminate the pest." In sharp contrast to this ancient Chinese saying, today's Chinese people fear the rat that runs across the street. This is the reason why the Chinese Communist Party's evil spirit has been growing. No one notices that the Chinese Communist Party at one time was also trembling with fear when it pointed its gun at us, but we were too afraid to notice. When the evil grows, it becomes rampant and tries to suppress justice. Our own silence and fear have allowed the evil to proliferate and attack justice.

During the SARS epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party once again lied and killed to protect its own interests, while Dr. Jiang exposed the lies to save people. One voice of truth can save countless lives that could have died from the epidemic.

By the same token, Dr. Charles Li, by risking his own life, is also trying to reveal the CCP's lies to save the Chinese people.

While the Chinese people are too afraid to stand up against the lies spread by the CCP, the brutally and ruthlessly persecuted Falun Gong practitioners have been most courageous in exposing the Chinese government's devilish lies and telling the truth about Falun Gong. They have helped countless people understand Jiang's evil regime, released people from the CCP's lies and sent Jiang Zemin down to the abyss of fear. Falun Gong practitioners have given society a taste of purity and have brought them hope.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/6/4/21909.html

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