Becoming More Tolerant

PureInsight | September 1, 2003

Becoming More Tolerant

A Dafa Disciple

[] Recently, I had to work on a project with a colleague at my workplace. Unexpectedly, I made a couple of mistakes, which my colleague thought she herself would absolutely never make, and so she complained about my carelessness. When I looked within, I thought I had been very careful, but these unbelievable mistakes had happened after all. What could I learn from this incident?

Suddenly, I came to the realization that my colleague's [unforgiving] attitude towards my mistakes was a reflection of me. I began to ask myself if I have a similar stubborn habit, which I have been using for years to judge, misunderstand, or complain about others when they did something wrong, or couldn't do something well. I think the answer is yes.

Every single conflict occurring in our life, study, and work has to do with our cultivation. If we want to truly tolerate and understand others with a compassionate heart, we have to start from very small incidents within our daily life.

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