Flowers and Particles: Some Thoughts on Personal Cultivation and Fa-Rectification Cultivation

Washington DC Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | September 15, 2003

[] This past May, I went to visit the world famous Butchard Garden on Victoria Island. Suddenly, I had further understanding of personal cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation. The design of this garden is so artistic. It is beautiful and attractive. But if you take a closer look at each kind of flower, and each flower, it is fairly ordinary. This is truly the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Relate to our cultivation, each of us is like an ordinary flower. It is the Fa that connects us together.

Under Master Li's guidance, Dafa disciples as one body have written down one after another paragraph of the history that shakes the heavens and startles the earth, and demonstrated wonders one after another. During the previous personal cultivation stage, there was no concept of one body. The conflict between individuals was like the clash between particles. No matter how hard we clashed, it was all for our cultivation and improvement. But now, it is the Fa-rectification stage. The existence of each individual should regard the overall effect as the most important. If the clash is too hard, and even affects the overall situation, then, it turns into interference. Cultivating during Fa-rectification, as one body, we have the direction. In order to best utilize the power of the group, there is a very high requirement for each particle's coordination and tolerance. At this time, being an individual, when conflicts happen, we need to unconditionally check into ourselves, cultivate ourselves, eliminate our negative thoughts, and treat others and the situation totally with upright thoughts. Besides, we also need to be able to tolerate other's deficiencies and attachments and jump out of the small enclosure, ascending above the level of right and wrongs between individuals. We must learn how to view things from a bigger and entire picture, to harmonize others' deficiencies, to endure and eliminate the problems happening among the group members in order to have non-leakage in our group, instead of falling into the trap of the argument about who is right or wrong. The harmony and non-leakage of the whole group is the guarantee for each of us to improve and reach Consummation.

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