Ming Hui School Lesson Plan: (1) Kong Rong Offering Pears

PureInsight | October 6, 2003

Ming Hui School Lesson Plan: (1) Kong Rong Offering Pears

Jing Hua

Teaching Material Category: Ancient Story
Selection Title: Kong Rong Offering Pears
Target Audience: Primary School Children in Lower Grades
Teaching Period: One Hour

Aim of Lesson:

1. Guide children to put others first and be willing to consider others in all respects
1. Be aware of the importance of cultivating courtesy in speech

Lesson Outline:

Kong Rong Offering Pears

Time: Ancient China
Characters: Kong Rong and his parents
Location: The study in Kong Rong's home
Setting: Father seated and reading a book; mother carrying a basket of pears.

Mother: (lifting up the basket) Look at this basket of pears!

Father: Huge pears! Ask everyone to come in and taste them!

(Kong Rong enters the study from outside)
Kong Rong: Mum! Dad!

Father: Come and look at this basket of pears!

Kong Rong: (Walks over to smell the pears) Very fragrant pears!

Father: Take one if you like.

Kong Rong: OK. Thanks, Dad!

(Kong Rong looks at the pears in the basket, stretches his arm and picks the smallest one.)
Father: There are so many pears. Why didn't you pick the big one, instead of the smallest one?
Kong Rong: Elder brother is older than I am, so he should have the big one. I am younger. I should have the smaller one.

Father: (very impressed) You have a small brother. Is he not younger than you?

Kong Rong: But I am his elder brother and I should take care of him as well so I should leave the bigger one for him to eat.

Father: You are only four years old, yet you have learned to respect the older and care for the younger. You are a sensible and good child.

Kong Rong: Dad, you are the one who taught me to always think of others first. I am very happy to oblige.

Recommended Teaching Sequence:

1. Introduction by asking the class the following questions (5 minutes)

(1) Have you heard the story of Kong Rong before?
(2) How old was Kong Rong when he offered others the pear?
(3) Why did Kong Rong pick the smallest pear?

2. Narrating the focal point of the lesson and reading aloud (20 minutes)
Ancient story: Kong Rong offering pears

3.Performance teaching

(1) Encourage the children to volunteer to play a role onstage.
(2) Lead the children in getting into the characters and developing their roles.

4. Discussion and summary (10 minutes)

(1) Ask the class what they have learned from the story
(2) Let the classdescribe the common courtesies they perform in their daily life
(3) Being a human, why should one consider others first?
(4) Are they happy when they consider others first? (Bring out the law of loss and gain)
(5) Discuss the list of common courtesies that they should consider in their daily life:
(6) Daily self-tracking and assessment

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/9/22/23588.html

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