Cultivating in the Righteous Fa Allows Us to Grow Stronger

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 12, 2004

[] The following is a hint from Teacher in my dream. By writing it down here, I aim to share with fellow practitioners my hope to progress together. This dream not only allowed me to realize my attachments to fear and selfishness, but also helped me to understand the difference between individual cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation.

In this dream I was walking up a nearly 70-degree incline. I was doing this while holding onto the railing on the side. The higher I walked, the tighter I held the railing, until I was exhausted and too hungry to endure. But yet, I still did not dare to let go of the railing. I knew that only with tremendous and persistent effort would I be able to make it to the destination. If I let go of the railing I would certainly fall. But I was really too tired, and it seemed that the destination was never within reach. Furthermore, my reason for persisting in holding on without letting go of the railing was not that I was trying to obtain the seemingly unattainable goal, but because of the fear of falling down!

Then I saw a woman walking in front of me. She was holding a baby. I was already so tired that I could not even make a sound. The only wish I had was that she would not block my way. Suddenly, I saw the baby dropping from her arms. Instinctual response made me stretch out one hand to grasp the baby. In my heart, however, I was actually murmuring to myself, "Please, someone please take the baby away quickly, because I cannot hold on much longer." Before I had a chance to speak up, the woman cried out to me, "Hurry! The old woman near you is going to fall down!" Although I felt panicked in my heart, I reached out with the other hand and held onto that old woman.

At that moment I woke from the dream. I came to realize that if I only worry about my personal Consummation on the cultivation journey, then I will always worry about whether I can continue and not falter. This approach will increasingly sap my strength and I will be exhausted. By contrast, if I walk the path of Fa-rectification for others and all living beings, it will not be difficult to discover that we Dafa practitioners are stronger than we have imagined! In this process we will not only be able to offer our hands to others, but we will eventually be able to reach our own destinations!

Translated on December 22, 2003 from

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