The Proper Language for Righteous Thoughts

A Practitioner from Kansas

PureInsight | January 19, 2004

[] When I first started reciting the verses for righteous thoughts, I learned them first in English and then in Chinese. Even with much practice I had trouble with pronouncing several of the Chinese words. I continued to practice until several Chinese practitioners confirmed I was saying the verses satisfactorily.

One night in dream time, I was conscious of encountering a demon. The demon surrounded me with an energy force that kept me from raising my palm erect. Even so, I recited the verse in Chinese for "Holding One Palm Erect" out loud, and the energy force immediately loosened its hold on me. I continued to repeat the verse, but nothing was happening to indicate that it was having any impact on the demon's hold, which was now getting tighter and tighter. The only reason I could think of that I was not being released was that my pronunciation of some of the words in Chinese was not completely accurate.

There was no fear in my voice or body, but it was clearly a serious situation as the energy was obviously trying to eliminate me. I then stated righteously, "I am a practitioner and you cannot treat me like this!" That did not have the effect I was hoping for either, so I stated out loud, "Master please help me." Immediately, I was released.

After this experience I went thought a time when I did the righteous thoughts in English, even though it was my understanding that the Chinese language was the proper language to recite the verses. Again, I was tested consciously in a dream-time event with a minor demon encounter. Right after I eliminated the minor demon by holding my palm erect and reciting the appropriate verse in English another creditor came to collect a very big debt I owed him. This demon tried several tricks to get me interested in him. I saw him for what he was and I directly stated, "You have come to take my life, correct?" He replied, "Yes." Right before my palm was completely erect he was thrown out of my immediate space. At the same time, I was stating, "No you won't, because I am a practitioner with righteous thoughts and righteous actions." My righteous thoughts were indeed strong this time, and the demon was quickly eliminated.

That happened over a year ago. I have gone back to pronouncing my righteous thoughts in Chinese or Chinese and then followed by English. Recently, during the dream time I was reminded again that I had gotten sloppy with my delivery in Chinese or maybe I have never really said all of the words correctly. Therefore, I am now practicing my Chinese with Chinese practitioners. I have gone back to saying them in English as I remembered from the past that my righteous thoughts were still effective when spoken in English.

Righteous thoughts in Chinese (Pinyin romanization) and the English translation:

fa zheng qian kun xie e quan mie.
The Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated.

fa zheng tian di xian shi xian bao
The Fa rectifies Heaven and Earth; immediate retribution in this lifetime.

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