Sand and Gold

Weng Hua

PureInsight | January 19, 2004

[] We have known for a long time that the old forces have arranged various kinds of tests to verify whether a cultivator can reach Consummation or not. Those tests indeed worked as the testing tool for cultivators in the past. If the quality of his cultivation was sand, elimination was a certainty. But each cultivator only had one chance to take such a test. If he failed the test, he didn't get a second chance. Moreover, once one's Main Consciousness fell into the Three Realms, fell into the dung pit, he absolutely didn't have any opportunity to return to his origin.

But our cultivation is completely different from the past cultivations. Just from the sand and gold perspective, each of our students is gold in our Master's eyes. In the final moments, before disintegration of the old universe, our great merciful Master came to this human world to offer salvation to all sentient beings. After bestowing a benevolent solution and assimilating all beings in the old universe, our Master will lead all beings into the new universe. This is because our Master has the ability to change us from the origin of our life. Even if we now are sand, even if we already were rotten apples, our Master is able to have us return to our highest and original positions.

Despite the interference and damage from the old forces, our merciful great Master still continues to give chances to each Dafa student, each person and each sentient being of the universe, including the old forces. He waits until we are finally able to turn in the examination papers that will get us passing grades. At high levels, cultivation is to make a choice. Our Master just wants to save all of us. This is called "Buddha's Infinite Grace." It is impossible to use human language to describe It.

For those people who have given up on themselves and those people who have not much confidence in themselves, I believe that they are unable to understand the Fa well at a fundamental level. As long as we keep cultivating ourselves, as long as we continue to practice until the end, what will await us is the most glorious Consummation. If you do not have confidence in your Consummation, you actually do not believe in our Master! You are not steadfast in Dafa!

Let's look at this from a different perspective. If we do not have the desire to change fundamentally and become gold, if we don't use the gold standard to change ourselves, and if finally we are eliminated like the sand, it is because of our personal choice. This is, because we still will have chosen sand although we were under Buddha's Infinite Grace. We are responsible for that.

This is my personal understanding after studying the Fa. Please kindly point it out if I err.

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