Regarding Pursuit

Mei Yu

PureInsight | February 9, 2004


We expect replies after sending emails to friends.
We expect praises from the boss after finishing the work.
We expect appreciation from family after serving each meal.
We expect our children's gratitude after having done things for them.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Why do we expect these things? We expect returns or results. Plainly put, we all have an attachment to pursuit.

Sometimes getting things done is not tiresome. It is the process of expecting and waiting for returns and results that is tiresome. It is the expecting and waiting part that constitutes the attachment.

Many things in the human world aren't difficult to accomplish. If you want to do it well from the bottom of your heart, and do not expect any result, you will be able to do everything well.

The reason people feel weary is because their minds are weary. There are many reasons contributing to man's mental weariness. Some people feel stress and cannot sleep or eat well. Some highly successful people develop attachments to fame, wealth, and zealotry, which also makes their minds tired. Some people fear criticism and become overcautious and indecisive, and thus mentally weary. What's most wearisome is to work while anticipating a specific result. The more one pursues the result, the less likely one will attain the goal, and the more weary one will become while pursuing. Look how much worry and weariness the attachment of pursuit brings to our life.

It appears that doing without pursuit is the best way to live a life. It is truly a free and relaxing feeling to do everything we are supposed to do well, unload all the burdens on our minds, and set our minds free. I have experienced this feeling occasionally and found it truly magnificent.

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