Falun Dafa Practitioners' Cultivation Diaries (5)

Nan Shan

PureInsight | February 16, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Aunt Chen has been practicing Falun Gong for nine years. [Note: the Chinese people often address an older woman as "aunt" as an expression of respect and affection.] It's no wonder that she has a very fair and rosy complexion, bright and clear eyes, and baby-like skin. She moves as agile as the wind and sits with her back as straight as a pine tree. No one can guess her age and I have no intention in divulging her biggest secret. Aunt Chen was a renowned architect before she retired. She graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering at the prestigious Qinghua University in China, with Mr. Liang Sicheng, a famous modern architect, as her mentor. Liang Sicheng's wife was a poet named Lin Huiyin, who had written one of my favorite poems titled "Don't Lose It":

"Don't lose the ephemeral passion like the trickling water.
Gently it is sitting under the cold mountain stream, in the dark night, in the pine forest, distant like a sigh.
You must still keep the genuineness..."

Aunt Chen may not know about this poem, but she has indeed managed to keep "genuineness" in her. This has prepared her well for her later cultivation practice of Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Soon after she began practicing Falun Gong, her Celestial Eye opened just like Teacher Li described in his book Zhuan Falun. One day while Aunt Chen was doing the Falun Gong sitting meditation, she suddenly saw a large eye blinking and looking at her. She was curious and stared back at the eye. A while later, the large eye disappeared.

From then on, Aunt Chen, even without the intention of seeing with her Celestial Eye, would often see countless Falun (the Law Wheel), light circles, and many objects' representations in other dimensions. Once she told me, "I saw my son's lamp in another dimension. It has the same shape but emits soft rays of light by itself." Sometimes when she coaxed her granddaughter to sleep, she saw the little girl's body as being transparent.

Aunt Chen always went to the practice site to do Falun Gong exercises at 5:00 a.m. even on snow days. Many Falun Gong practitioners in Toronto obtained Dafa through Aunt Chen. Once, a senator from Ontario learned Falun Gong exercises from her.

In 2002 Aunt Chen traveled around the world. She visited three Eastern European countries as well as Mexico, but she didn't go there for fun. She bought plane tickets with her savings just so she could send forth righteous thoughts at a close distance from the Chinese dictator who had been persecuting Falun Gong. "Sending forth righteous thoughts" is a sacred tool that Teacher Li Hongzhi has given to Falun Dafa practitioners to help eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that manipulate people to interfere with the Fa-rectification. While in the European countries, Aunt Chen sent forth righteous thoughts for more than one hour in one sitting. She saw Dafa practitioners' gong (cultivation energy) was represented by gigantic columns of light and cannon balls in other dimensions that eliminated the evil layer by layer and purified the cosmos.

In October 2002, the Chinese dictator visited Mexico, and Aunt Chen hurried to Mexico as well to send forth righteous thoughts. Impervious to the scorching sun and drops of sweat on her forehead, Aunt Chen sat still in the full lotus position while sending forth righteous thoughts. Suddenly, a Falun Gong practitioner approached her and said, "The dictator is staying in a hotel nearby." Aunt Chen immediately realized the opportunity and slowly walked to the hotel.

When she arrived, she saw lots of police in civilian clothes and security officers guarding the hotel entrance, examining everyone who wanted to enter the hotel. Aunt Chen was in no hurry to enter the hotel right away. Instead, she circled the hotel building twice before she walked up to the doorman with a smile, "Sir, your hotel is marvelously designed. It has a very unique style to it." Aunt Chen then described the distinguishing features of the building with terminology from her years of experience as an architect. The doorman was very happy and proud when he heard the compliments.

Then, Aunt Chen said, "It's so hot today, may I buy a glass of water from you?" "Sure. If you would please wait here, I'll bring it to you." The doorman then brought her a bottle of mineral water. Aunt Chen chatted with him while she drank the water. After she finished the bottle, Aunt Chen frowned, "Say, I've walked for a long distance, and I am starting to have muscle aches in my legs. May I get a room here to rest for a while? Here, look at my passport. I am a tourist from Canada." The doorman was surprised when he looked at Aunt Chen's passport and discovered her real age. He did not want to see this elderly lady passing out from heatstroke, so he carefully helped her into the hotel lobby. Little did he know that Aunt Chen was more robust than him because she practiced Falun Gong everyday!

Soon after Aunt Chen sat down on a couch in the lobby, a female staff member approached her and asked, "Ma'am, your room will be ready soon. Would you like to go to the cafeteria and eat something while we prepare your room?" Aunt Chen wasn't hungry, but she thought she should try to charge her energy to stay up tonight sending forth righteous thoughts. So she followed her to the cafeteria and had a hearty meal.

After the meal, Aunt Chen was led to her room. Guess what? The window of her room directly faced the bedroom of the dictator! Aunt Chen immediately seized the precious opportunity. She closed the door, sat in the full lotus position, erected one hand in front of her chest, and solemnly sent forth righteous thoughts toward the dictator for the whole night!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/1/3/25204.html

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