A Cultivator';s View of Reincarnation Cases in Western Medical Research

Qing Di

PureInsight | September 2, 2002

A while ago I compiled evidence of reincarnation, and shared my findings and personal reflections in an article titled, “Studies on Reincarnation by Western Medical Researchers.” At the end of the article, I cautioned readers on the subjectivity of the conclusions reached in these medical studies. Because the subjects in trance experienced visions from the levels where their lives originated, the conclusions drawn solely upon those visions could potentially be biased. I would like to elaborate my points in my previous articles to exchange my personal insights on the Fa with fellow practitioners. Hopefully, this exchange might trigger a spiritual revolution, inspiring those who have not acquired Falun Dafa to reexamine the meaning of life.

Teacher said, “In fact Sakyamuni was saying that there are different Dharma at different levels, and that the Dharma at each level is not the absolute truth of the universe. Yet the Dharma at a given level assumes a guiding role at that level.” (From “Different Levels Have Different Fa” in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun.) None of the subjects in the research have surpassed the Three Realms in their encounters with lives in other dimensions or in heavenly paradise. [The Three Realms refer to heaven, earth, and the underworld.] These subjects were granted visions of higher realms. It follows that conclusions built upon visions at lower levels become metaphysical surmises. The structures of dimensions and the forms of lives in the Three Realms are extremely complicated. Other than humans, there exist other forms of life. Moreover, a human life consists not only of a Primordial Spirit and a physical body but also of Assistant Spirits and other complicated forms of representations. [In traditional Chinese thought, it is believed that many spirits exist in the body, governing certain functions and processes.] The structures of space and physical substances in the Three Realms are extremely complicated as well. But the knowledge of the Three Realms was beyond the comprehension of the subjects at the time of the medical research. Therefore, the complexity of the structures in the Three Realms was not considered when the researchers built their conclusions.

The research on reincarnation demonstrates that the law of “mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition” determined the fates of the subjects in their subsequent lives. It appeared that it was only after the subjects had undergone tremendous hardship and humiliation that they would begin to learn small lessons. For instance, many subjects had gone through some gruesome experiences and made shameful mistakes before they became aware of their flaws. On the other hand, some people seemingly were arranged [by higher beings] to commit most appalling crimes. It appeared that they inflicted pain on other people because that was the will of higher beings. These case studies in reincarnation shared another attribute. The subjects seemingly were expected [by higher beings] to be compassionate toward others, despite the fact that they might be suffering from all forms of persecution. Meanwhile, they were also expected not to succumb to evil during persecution. It appears that the arrangements of persecution against the subjects in these case studies are very much in line with the so-called “exams” implemented by the evil old forces in the form of persecution against today’s Dafa cultivators. However, Teacher refuses to acknowledge such “exams” by the old forces. No one has the right to examine Dafa or interfere with Teacher’s Fa-rectification, for Dafa created all. Teacher has already clarified the issues of personal cultivation and Fa-rectification in many Fa-lectures.

There were many cultivators of different schools among the studied subjects. One cultivator was butchered for safeguarding his beliefs, while another remained steadfast in following religious principles all his life. Yet neither cultivator achieved Consummation. Perhaps it was because they cultivated their Assistant Spirits? Another phenomenon worth noticing was that those research subjects who had practiced cultivation on their previous lives did not seem to upgrade their heart and mind nature or moral character [xinxing] much after experiencing countless manifestations of the principle of reward and retribution for good and evil in their many reincarnations. I imagine that they had been predestined to experience all flavors of life and play various characters on the stages of life. The subjects alternated in leading a happy or sad life, or alternated in playing the positive role of a kindhearted person or the negative role of a criminal. Instead of improving xinxing through these experiences, they accumulated many unresolved fears from their past lives. A probable reason for this might be that these people were not practicing genuine cultivation and had reincarnated so many times in order to obtain the Fa.

In some cases, the subjects formed a twisted notion of sex prior to their next reincarnation. Apparently, the higher beings who arranged their next life agreed to their having a depraved view of sexuality. Likewise, the various degenerate phenomena, as well as the flaws in the guiding ideology of modern society, could have been arranged by higher beings who followed the laws of the old universe.

In the cases where subjects in trance saw into the future that they would be involved with genetic engineering or cloning, the future they saw was one that had been arranged by the old forces. Naturally, these arrangements by no means reach the standards of the new Fa-rectified universe.

Through Fa study, we have come to know that the high-level beings arrange everything based on the laws of their respective levels. Not one high-level being has access to the arrangements of higher levels. Hence, a high-level being might even think that people on earth are from lower levels of the universe.

Finally, I’d like to share my reflections on the popular trend in Western societies for studying reincarnation. Presently, there are many people in the U.S. who study reincarnation and so-called New Age phenomena. There are also many books and publications now available on the subject of reincarnation. Some people have even started schools where they teach people to recollect their previous lives. The popularity of reincarnation in the West is comparable to the Qigong boom in China in the 80s. I imagine that the trend was arranged in order to build a foundation so that Westerners can accept that reincarnation is a fact, although the involved “actors” and “actresses” in the play may not have very high xinxing or a high level of understanding about reincarnation. We must not regard the findings in the studies of reincarnation as absolute truth, and we must take the Fa as Teacher. Teacher has already cautioned us very clearly in “Your Mind Must Be Right” from Lecture Six of Zhuan Falun. Let us be sure to keep this in mind.

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