Some Thoughts on Western Research on Transmigration: Arrangement and Agreement before Reincarnation

Qing Di

PureInsight | January 20, 2003

[] The great poet Li Bai wrote, "Living people are passing guests, while the dead are the returning lives. A back-and-forth journey between heaven and earth, mourning for the eternal path." Human life is short and bitter like the glint of a horse flashing across a chink in the door. This is already enough to cause people to feel melancholy. However, for some people, life is filled with even more frustration and sorrow. Why on earth is everything like this?

Over the last twenty or thirty years, many in-depth research projects on transmigration and reincarnation have been done in the Western medical field. The main technique used is to guide subjects into a state of hypnotic trance, which is similar to the tranquil state reached through the Buddha school's meditation. This makes the subject recall and re-experience his or her previous lives, and even the worlds on the other shore between reincarnations. Researchers have discovered that a human's life is actually pre-arranged by higher beings and that, in some cases, the person even agreed to living that life before his or her incarnation.

For example, Dr. Michael Newton has studied the occurrences in the spiritual world between peoples' reincarnations using the method of hypnosis. He has described many cases in his two books - Journey of Souls [1] and Destiny of Souls [2]. He has found that if a person's death in his or her next life is arranged to happen due to a premature fatal illness, murder, or disaster, the person is often told before his or her incarnation. Tragedies in this earthly world are actually not accidents that happen at a wrong time or at a wrong place, instead they all have their predestined relationship. The purpose of these arrangements is for the person to repay the debts incurred in previous lives, to temper his or her soul through hardships, or to provide an opportunity for others to ascend through the tribulation.

In one case, a subject recalled that she had died in a Nazi concentration camp in her previous life. It turned out that this being and three other beings had volunteered to be reincarnated into Jewish women. In 1941, they were arrested in Munich and taken to a concentration camp located in Dachau separately, and were jailed in the same barracks. These events were all pre-arranged. The girl died in 1943 in that life. She was only eighteen years old. What she needed to do in the concentration camp was to take care of the younger children, and try to help them survive. She fulfilled her predestined mission courageously.

In another case, the subject was a woman, who in her previous life died on a farm in Texas two years after she got married. Before her reincarnation, she was given three options on how she would die. She could be hit by a bullet from two drunken men shooting at each other, fall off a horse, or drown. This woman chose to be shot by the bullet from the two drunkards. Her choice of leaving this world two years after getting married was because her husband had to experience the pain of losing his deeply loved one, further repay his debt owed in previous lives, and to learn some lessons. The fate of this woman was completely for her husband's paying back his karma and upgrading his level.

By recalling these types of cases, I do not intend to say that there is no need to feel sympathy for these peoples' suffering. Actually it's exactly the other way around. Everybody in this earthly world has the responsibility to try his or her best to resist evil and promote goodness, and stand up for justice and protect the innocent. Being apathetic, refusing to help someone in trouble, or crowing over other's suffering and adding insult to injury are committing crimes. They will certainly have to be paid for in the next life.

In dimensions higher than the human world, cultivators can also see that everything has its karmic arrangement and is not accidental. This is also why a person who has reached a certain level in cultivation is able to see these arrangements and the future. This is called Precognition and Retrocognition (suming tong).

From these cases, we might be able to understand what Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, has talked about in his recent lectures. That is why some higher beings (the old forces) in the universe arranged the persecution against Falun Gong. These arrangements and agreements do not conform to the principles of higher dimensions and therefore must be rejected. We can also note that what Falun Gong practitioners are doing is not only for the sake of human rights and freedom, but also has an even deeper and more far-reaching significance.

[1] Michael Newton, Ph.D., Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life between Lives, Llewellyn Publications, 1994.
[2] Michael Newton, Ph.D., "Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life between Lives, Llewellyn Publications, 2000.

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