Tales from the Practice of Medicine: A Predestined Relationship between a Father and a Daughter

Yu Lin

PureInsight | January 23, 2003

[PureInsight.org] A man referred to here as K had been plagued with a long-term stomach problem. Although continuous medical treatments had reduced the symptoms, not long ago his stomach problem started to surface again. This is the unusual story of K and the root cause of his stomach problem.

K's company conducted business with China. One day, a Chinese business associate of him sent him a photo of a small Chinese girl, asking K if he were interested in adopting this child. That is the beginning of this unusual story.

From the first moment K saw this photo, he developed an unbelievably strong attachment to this little girl, as if she mesmerized him. In tears, K begged his wife's consent to adopt this child. He spent long hours at the toy stores in the area, studying girls' toys, and bringing a large pile of them home. Next, he went through all the trouble to file adoption documents and followed the Chinese government's legal procedures, to bring this child to the U.S.A.

First, the Chinese government authorities informed K that they were unable to locate this little girl. Then they told K that another family had already adopted the child before he filed the adoption papers. Then they told K that the family had returned the child to the orphanage. Next, they told K that the child had fallen ill and been sent to the hospital. Finally they told K that the child had died in the hospital.

When K received the bad news he collapsed. He refused to believe the news and kept on saying, "Oh, no! It's impossible! It's not possible! No, she is my child. I beg you! You must find her! She must be alive somewhere! Please do find her!" K was on his knees when he made these overseas phone calls to China, as if he was there begging them for help in person, but the Chinese official handling K's adoption case cut him off with an abrupt remark, "Sorry" and hung up on him.

But K refused to give up. He went to his congressman and senator, asking for their help. Finally, K booked a plane ticket to China and took off alone, with nothing but a photo of the child. He resolved to locate the child or he would never return.

K overcame all kinds of obstacles and finally found the child in an orphanage in Sichuan Province. When K found her, the poor child was at death's door, left alone in a corner of the orphanage, suffering from her stomach problems. K went through a lot of troubles but he managed to finish the adoption procedures and brought the child back to the States. What K had endured and suffered in China was beyond description.

I saw the little girl for the first time in my clinic, when K brought her to get medical treatment for her stomach problem. I asked, "Why was she abandoned by her birth parents?" "Because she is allergic to breast milk. She can only tolerate cow's milk. Breast milk makes her sick to the stomach, making her vomit and have diarrhea. A Sichuan farm family can ill afford milk. In order to make ends meet, her parents decided to take her to the orphanage," K explained.

Two years after this first visit, K brought the little girl to my clinic again for her stomach problem. This time K told me an amazing story.

"After my daughter and I found each other, we never left each other again. Because my job required me to travel overseas all the time, I quit my job to stay beside my little girl. One day when I took her on a trip by train I realized our relationship in our previous lives.

When my daughter was reading a travel magazine on the train, featuring travel spots in Asian countries, her face suddenly froze when she came across a photograph of Vietnam. She looked up at me with a solemn look, then pointed at a thatch-roofed house and said, "Daddy, you have always been my daddy. You, mommy, and I used to live in a house like this. One day you kept on running with me on your back and mommy behind you. You were hit by a bomb and collapsed. You stopped talking. Mommy and I kept on crying and crying. We kept on crying over you. I have been looking for you since."

K was in tears when he told me the story. He went on saying, "Do you know how many times I woke up from nightmares where I was haunted by bombers, cannons, war, bombs, and people escaping from bomb attacks. In the dreams I kept hearing, 'Daddy! Daddy!' I could hear it was the cry of a child. There was not a time when I did not wake up from the nightmares in tears."

When I heard the story that I realized why K and his adopted daughter suffered from the same stomach problem. After I knew about their predestined relationship, I tied one of K's wrists to that of his little girl with a cord before I began the medical treatment. When I administered an injection to K, the little girl felt very nervous for her father and said, "Daddy, are you OK? You won't die from the pain, will you? Please say something." K replied with a smile, "I am fine. I feel wonderful." Hearing these words, the little girl heaved a sigh of relief like an adult. Both of their stomach problems were miraculously cured with a cord tying them together.

Actually the cord was just a prop in this drama, an outward sign of spiritual healing. I believe that their stomach problems were from the same cause in another dimension.

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