The Positive Effect of Virtuous and Righteous Music

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PureInsight | April 12, 2004

[] I learned recently from the news that the Australian government employed a unique method to prevent people from vandalizing the public facilities in the Australian train stations --- playing classical music composed by master composers such as Beethoven and Mozart in the stations. The results were surprisingly positive. The elegant classical music seems to have driven thoughts of vandalism away from many people because the repair expenses were reduced by 75 percent compared with those from last year. Many passengers requested that the Australian government continue playing the classical music at the train stations. This report reminded me that ancient Chinese people considered it important to promote virtue via music.

[It appears from the above story that] music can help people govern their behavior but do all types of music have the same positive effect on people? Why does only classical music seem to do the trick? From studying Falun Dafa books, I believe that each piece of music carries an energy field of the composer because it is the reflection of the composer's heart and it carries the energy of the composer. In other words, it's the manifestation of the musician's spiritual and emotional condition.

Many studies of western classical music have shown that most classical music was created were for religious purposes. People back then could feel the magnificence of the Gods, had fewer selfish attachments, and, thus, could often communicate with the Gods. If we follow this thought, it also means that the divine side of human beings during those ages was more dominant, so the human's demonic side was more restrained. During those times, people might have directly or indirectly heard music from heaven. Hence their music is solemn and holy. Such heavenly music can help purify people's mind, and make them feel as if they were in heaven. I believe that the purity of the classical music is infectious. This is why classical music naturally helps govern people's behavior.

Mankind has degenerated over the long course of history. Modern people have lost their righteous faith in God, and abandoned their moral mindset. Modern people keep advocating more personal freedom and pursuing desires and lust. In my humble opinion, a rapidly increasing number of modern musicians write a lot of music that comes from degenerate moral values. Many modern musicians let their demonic side consume them when they pursue creative inspiration. I can hardly believe that this kind of music can help purify people's minds. On the contrary, I fear that such musical creations might even amplify the listeners' demonic side, which would cause them to become cloudy-minded. This type of modern music is what the ancient Chinese people might call "virtue-less music." I also fear that some of the avant-garde musicians might become the mouthpieces of demons.

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