Window On Cultivation: How Falun Dafa Gave New Life to a Teenager Suffering from Kidney Disease

A Liaoning Falun Dafa practiti

PureInsight | July 19, 2004

[] Seven years ago, a miraculous but true story happened in Lanqi Town in Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province. A young lady was suffering from a kind of fatal illness and death was approaching her silently. She discovered Falun Dafa and gained a new life.

In October 1993, 16-year-old Yujing Gao was diagnosed with a complicated kidney disorder. She had a job in a factory but could no longer go to work due to her illness. The illness tortured her for three-and-a-half years. She was treated the Shenyang Medical University, the Dangong Second Hospital, and the Fengcheng City Hospital, but there was no obvious progress. Her father traveled everywhere to find herbs and presecptions for alternative remedies. He tried every Chinese traditional medicine clinic in Liaoning Province and all kinds of alternative medications. He even visited some so-called "Da Shen"(someone claiming to be a god who can treat illness). But nothing worked.

In an attempt to cure her illness, her mother learned how to give her shots and acupuncture treatments. During the day, her mom had to work but at night she brewed herbal medications for her daughter. Still, the teen continued suffering from dropsy and unpredictable relapses. No treatment worked despite the fact that the family had spent so much money. Finally, due to financial difficulties, Yujing stop taking medicine in July 1996.

Yujing's dropsy got worse every day. Her legs and face became swollen. When she looked in the mirror at her distorted features, anxiety, depression, and sadness filled her: "How many patients have died after they stopped using medications! I want to live! But who can save my life?"

When hope ran out, she found the precious book, Zhuan Falun. After she finished reading the book she could not put it down because she loved it so much. Falun Dafa enabled her to understand so many things and she learned the meaning of life. She felt this Falun Dafa was so good that she made up her mind to practice it no matter what! She made good use of her time to study the book and do the exercises.

In August 1996, Yujing Gao borrowed a poster with Falun Gong exercises depicted on it. She began practicing four times a day, after getting up, and before going to sleep. She spent the rest of her time studying the book. At that time, the dropsy she suffered from was quite severe. She had a lot of small red spots on her belly, and she dared not touch them. She had high fevers at night, with her body temperature reaching 39.4℃. She suffered pain on the skin of her legs, wrists, and feet. She could neither lie down nor sit. She had to lean against the luggage (when resting). She needed help to go to the bathroom. Her parents were broken hearted over her condition. But Yujing stuck to her regimen of study and exercise. Since she couldn't fully stretch her body, she had to do the exercises in a half-bent position. Her legs were like tree trunks and couldn't bend, but she persisted in practicing four times a day. When sitting in meditation, she had to first move her legs slowly so the swelling would move to the other side, and then she could manage to sit for another half an hour.

She practiced like this for four months. In December 1996, her symptoms began to ease up, and two weeks later the dropsy had, for the most part, disappeared.

By New Year's Day 1997, Yujing's health was completely restored. Her face became rosy and her spirits high. This was the first time in three years that her real features showed. "Miracle? It is a miracle," people all around were wondering. Many people in neighboring villages also started to practice Falun Dafa.

Now Yujing Gao is a healthy girl. She understands it is Master Li Hongzhi who saved her from the edge of death. It is Falun Dafa that gave her back her precious life.

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