PureInsight | September 27, 2004


A demon has traversed our path, unchallenged somewhat; I and others faltering to expose its presence… Unscrupulous, wicked in fact; making itself manifest as it discovered fertile soil within the hearts and minds of fellow cultivators.

From the core of its nature – poison, and no less! Although, we may have not have consciously invited it, by our attachments and ambivalence, our lack of insight and righteousness, we have awakened, unbridled its blood, surrendered to its arrangements – each, an accomplice of sorts!

Troublesome, divisive and more, a masquerade weaving clouds of deception, and how many have played their part?

You, who blurred the boundaries in the name of "freedom," compassion diminished when residing in the shadows of affection and lust. One's weakness becomes your strength; yet, the light of truth has pierced your armour as we find the courage and capacity to expose your ruthlessness.

This stranglehold has waned, and now, with no corners in which to hide, your days and breaths are numbered. Yes, such seeds have taken root and some still are to be weeded, but you have been denied your hour of harvest.

Having once accommodated your malevolence, the tide has been turned; our xinxing and clarity have finally taken precedence!

(A poem composed to help expose the dire influences of the demon of lust. )

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