Goodbye, My Little Town

A Practitioner in Florida

PureInsight | September 27, 2004

[] Adieu, my Little College Town. I will carry fond memories of you.

Little Town, today the focus is on the streets of Manhattan, the undisputed capital of the Western and free world. My job here ended around a month ago, and I feel that it is my duty to assist in the grand events that are going on in the streets of Manhattan – events that will let more people know about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. I will leave you before October begins.

Little Town, you will remain in my memory because I obtained the Fa here in September or October 2001 as I started my graduate program. Yes, it's only been three years, but it feels like all eternity.

Little Town, I was taught the Falun Gong exercises at one of your parks by a Taiwanese practitioner who, as I recalled when I was doing a sitting meditation, was my sister in a previous lifetime in China, a time when we wore ancient clothes and people led simple lives. How the predestined relationships fall into place!

Remember Fall 2001, Little Town? That winter was the coldest winter I have experienced yet, but I kept going to the practice site because I was going through a far more severe winter in my life.

Little Town, I clearly remember early 2002. Summer set in, and our university slowed down. My evenings and weekends were spent in your quiet and beautiful locations, in a university so inert that it seemed that the only thing that was alive was the wind. I read all the Falun Dafa books I could get my hands on. Draft translations or published versions, pre-1999 or Fa-rectification – as long as they were Master's words, I felt an inexplicable joy as I read them.

Little Town, I hope I have been fair to you since I started helping in Fa-rectification activities in summer 2002. I tried my best to attend the student organization fairs and any other events where we could clarify the truth about Falun Gong to your residents. Along with other practitioners, I believe we succeeded, because a lot of students know say that they have heard about Falun Gong.

Little Town, we have tried to post truth-clarifying posters at available bulletin boards so that even more people can learn about Falun Gong. I think they have been successful, because I see the information tabs at the bottom of the posters are often peeled off. Also, recently, we have been posting a huge "Free Charles Li" poster at the entrance of the student union. That is the most popular spot on campus … surely, a lot of the students see that, don't they?

A lot of people who live here are interested in Falun Gong, Little Town. They just haven't come to practice yet. And those who do sometimes stop practicing … but I believe the Fa has already touched their lives.

Little Town, there have been times that I have fallen face-down and not been worthy of Master's mercy. However, I know that Master has not let me down … and I have tried not to let you and those who live here down.

Sigh … it has been a wonderful experience. I have lived through helpful co-workers, kind lab-mates, a wonderful professor … and tempestuous roommates. Some aided my cultivation and truth-cultivation efforts, some did not, but overall, I feel like I have learnt and grown through these three years.

Goodbye, my Little College Town. I believe that one day, your lush and green vegetation will be enlivened in the mornings and evenings by a beautiful sight – the sight of countless people doing the Falun Gong exercises in unison.

Perhaps that day will not be far away.

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