A Wide Open Door

A Veteran Western Practitioner

PureInsight | October 4, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Twelve years ago a grand sage appeared gently in our world, without fanfare, unobtrusive, humble, as if blown here by a gentle breeze, but with a powerful message – that we can change our lives for the better. So much so that by adhering to His teachings we can inherit eternity and be forever connected to the source of all that is and has ever been – can be part and parcel of a cosmic renewal. He opened a shadow-free, brightly illuminated portal, an event unprecedented in eons.

The sage told us that we came with nothing into this life, came naked, brought no possessions with us and won't be able to take anything with us when we leave this world - except for our all-powerful, upright thoughts which permeate our eternal souls.

The message was startlingly simple and almost too profound for the millions of misguided people to grasp who had became discouraged in this modern age. Such a poignant message, when viewed superficially, seems simple to live by and achieve what the sage promised. This all-wise counselor made an opening so wide that the door lintels are invisible. He made it possible for all nationalities and all ethnic groups to come hear and live by his message - to live a life according to honesty, propriety, compassion, patience, and of letting go of age-old ingrained, negative habits so prevalent in this modern world right now. Our all-powerful, grand counselor empowered us with mighty weapons – the tenets of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, and a guidebook called Zhuan Falun, a text so awesome that it contains all the answers to all the questions our limited human brains might ever conceive of.

Indeed, at first glance it appears as if it would be quite easy to live by the messages in Zhuan Falun, the wide open door. But after delving deeper into their ramifications, it is not so simple to consistently live by this book, day in and day out. A more aggressive wind, replacing the gentle breeze, has blown in through the wide-open gate of late. This brisk breeze seems to have blown some of the people sideways who had at first enthusiastically thronged through the opening.

The portal is still wide open, and the omnipotent master is still calling you and me. It is not yet too late, but the wind blowing through the opening is getting stronger and shadows lurk in the background! Master is standing close to the open doorway, observing, evaluating, perhaps even agonizing, whether or not we will make up our minds to step through the door and commit ourselves to His ways instead of ogling the fleeting, neon-lit tin stars in the Hollywood Sky on the wrong side of the door.

The wind might become a conflagration, hurling us off course. We cannot afford to procrastinate any longer! The once wide-open door could slam shut, and we would lose an unprecedented opportunity for all eternity.

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