The Truth Is Getting Better Known -- Stories of Clarifying the Truth in Manhattan

Ying Ying Zhang

PureInsight | October 4, 2004

[] During the of the United Nations conference from September 20 to 24, over one thousand practitioners from all over the world wrre gathering in New York to clarify the truth. I was with the team from Toronto, which was distributing flyers between 42nd and 58th streets. The air was cool and the people were energized. When we started to hand out the truth materials, we found many people in Manhattan already knew about the facts. We heard things like, "I read your newspaper, thank you," "What can I do for you?," "I support you," "I know, thank you," "I have several kinds of your materials, thank you," from many passers-by. Watching those people walking by with smiling faces, I felt happy for them. The precious New Yorkers are awakening.

A Man Asks: "What can I do for Charles Li?"

At noon on September 21st, a gentleman with solemn expression came to our resting area beside the anti-torture show and asked a practitioner seriously: "Could you tell me what I can do for you?" The practitioner introduced Fu Yong Qing, who just came to pick up some truth materials, to the gentleman: "She is the fiancée of Charles Li. Charles is now suffering in the Chinese prison. She needs help." The gentleman turned to Fu Yong Qing: "Charles Li is an American citizen. I know that and your situations. I just want to know what I can do to help." Fu Yong Qing replied sincerely: "I want to thank you for your kindness. I myself won't ask you to do anything for me. This persecution launched by Jiang is against the whole human race, not just my fiancé." This gentleman continued: "Because it is against the whole human race, which I belong to, I might be one of the victims. So I want to stand up to contribute my share against this persecution." How touching is his righteous thought!

Fu Yong Qing further clarified the facts to him: "According to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, Charles is now in a prison in Nan Jing, being forced to work more than a dozen hours a day without any rest. Their products are the lights for Christmas season, which have been exported to the United States. There are tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners now in prisons like that. Many of them are in worse situations. The tortures they have experienced are beyond the descriptions of any language. Every day there are death cases caused by torture. All we can do is to appeal to people of justice to help stop this persecution. You can report to the US government, appeal to the United Nations, and write to the human rights organizations. I believe those can help us." The gentleman kept silent for a moment and said: "I know what to do now. I promise to report this to my senator. I will stand up for justice for sure."

Watching his serious expression, a practitioner blurted out: "Would you tell us your occupation?" He smiled: "I am a New Yorker." After saying "Good-Bye" to us, he left and jointed his followers.

The Policeman Calls Us "Falun"

When our practitioners were hurrying across the street, an officer called after them: "Hey! Falun, come back." Then he asked: "Where did you come from?" "From Toronto," The practitioners replied. The officer remarked: "Canada? I like Canada so much. I want to live there if I can. I want to learn Falun Gong, too." After he received the website address from the practitioner, he said he would visit it and download Zhuan Falun to read.

Young Practitioners Clarifying Truth in a Pizza Shop

Kelvin and his mother brought small Fa Du (from Australia) to a pizza shop for lunch. While they were in the waiting line, seven-year-old Kelvin and four-year-old Fa Du handed out flyers to the people on the line. Kelvin said to the people when pointing at Fa Du: "Her daddy was beaten to death in China." "Why?" The people asked. He replied: "Because he practiced Falun Gong." "What is Falun Gong?" The people asked again. Small Kelvin started to do the standing exercises and said: "That's it." "Why are they beating people to death?" they people asked. Kelvin handed out the flyers and said: "You will know after you read this." The people all came up to take the flyers and all that Kelvin's mother had brought with them were gone in no time. When they were walking out of the store, people said "Good-bye" to them in a kindly way.

Two Kind New York Youths

On September 22nd, when I was eating lunch in a McDonald's store, two tall young men came to sit near me. I saw they had truth materials in their hands and asked him: "Have you read that?" One of them said: "I wonder why so many of you came here?" I started from what Falun Gong is about, how my family had benefited from practicing it, and then why we had come here. When they understood, one of them said: "Five years of persecution! Should have ended. How terrible!" The other continued: "Such a brutal thing had happened. Why didn't the American government pay attention to it? Nowadays they only pay attention to money! You must persist. We support you." Then they said they would read the book, and learn the practice when they had a chance. When I was about to leave, they let me take their picture and saw me to the door, saying: "Good luck! Take care." repeatedly. I turned and reminded them: "Remember to read the book." And heard them saying: "Sure, Sure." I came back to the "Great Wall of Courage", still wishing them good luck.

The Journalist Asks for Detailed Materials

On September 22nd, after our news conference, a reporter from the New York Daily interviewed our practitioners for more than an hour. He asked at the end: "Do you have detailed information, like the addresses of the sites for teaching and exercising and how to contact you? I want to put them in the paper. I know many people want to know more about or to learn the practice." When he got the information he needed, he said joyfully, "Thank you very much! Maybe I should learn it first."

A reporter from the Columbia News interviewed Ms Wang, a painter from Chicago. After telling her story, Ms Wang told the reporter, "Not only have they killed over one thousand people, this persecution had been extended to other countries. The people from the Chinese consulate have done everything to keep me from participating in various Chinese community activities. Because I practice Falun Gong, they spread rumours to defame me. My office cubicle in the school was broken into and my address book was taken away. After I reported the incident to the police, it was brought back to the original place sneakily. They dare to do things like that even in a democratic country, let alone in China where there is no democracy.

The reporter thanked Ms Wang and said she would write a detailed report to be published in the paper.

We Need to Continue the Truth Clarification

Although many people have learned the truth, there are some still in the maze who need us to break the barriers and wake them up.

When I was handing out flyers, a female senior citizen came up to me and said, pointing at my nose, "I think you have lost yourself." And then she stalked off.

I saw a middle aged woman hit a flyer that was in a practitioner's hand. Our practitioner stooped to pick up the flyer and said "Sorry" to the angry woman.

A middle aged man had asked a lot of questions. After the practitioner had answered them, he said: "I think you are brain-washed." And then he walked away.

In this metropolitan New York City, how many people are still unaware of the truth? We need to speed it up to save more sentient beings.

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