In New York: Sharing of Experience in Clarifying the Facts at Manhattan

An Australian Falun Dafa Pract

PureInsight | October 18, 2004


1. How to thoroughly understand the Fa principles as taught by venerable Master

There are many ordinary people in New York, especially those in the white-collar class that do not know what Falun Gong is and what the persecution is about.

In the process of Falun Dafa practitioners' clarifying the facts in New York, we can help the media understand the truth so as to extensively expose the evil and thus encourage the people of the world to join in stopping this evil persecution and thus save more sentient beings.

One youth very solemnly advised us: "What you can do is to determinedly become one entity and stand up to expose the evil and encourage all people to come together to stop this brutal persecution!"

2. The problem of the differences in intentions of Falun Dafa practitioners

The question of how to treat the torture exhibition and face-to-face truth clarification depends on the attitude adopted by, and the realm of, Falun Dafa practitioners. The results they gain will depend on their attitude. The ordinary people that come forward to sign their names may not necessarily completely comprehend the issue. We feel that it is not sufficient just to obtain the signatures from ordinary people. We should be creating more opportunities to meticulously and thoroughly maximize our efforts in the clarification of the facts to induce the ordinary people who already understand the facts to take further steps to support us, to stand with us in jointly resisting the evil, and create a glorious future. These are factors that await careful consideration in our efforts to do better.

After watching our torture exhibition and understanding more of the facts, a young lady in New York did not just provide her signature, but told us that she works in a nearby shop who said she will distribute materials after her day at work. She considered it to be a very meaningful endeavor!

3. The question of the persecution in relation to the people of New York

For the ordinary people who can calmly listen to us, we can explain to them a little more, such as the persecution and the question of its effect on the people of New York, and the question of its consequent impact on the people of the whole world. This is to ensure that we are enabling them to understand that we are clarifying the facts not for ourselves, but for them, including the correct direction for the people of the future.

We could start off by briefly talking about each of our cultivation experiences and the changes it brought to our body and mind; the boundless happiness Falun Dafa contributed to every family and citizen in China and that we have come from all over the world because of the righteous and just people of New York, because we want to let them know the truth about the persecution. This will enable the righteousness of the human race to be promoted to ensure that the people of the future live in peace, freedom and a harmonious environment.

After listening to our clarification of the facts, the police supported us and told us that they would be around to protect us because China had hired many professional thugs to cause trouble and block us, and that the police are on our side.

Two western Falun Dafa practitioner couples, each with a young child about one year old, were coming out daily early in the morning and returning to the underground railway station where a number of young men would cry out: "Falun Dafa Hao!" ("Falun Dafa is great!") Sometimes they would also sing the song.

When there is an upsurge in the voice from the righteous and just people, good shall definitely triumph over evil!

4. What can the citizens of New York do for us?

a. Besides signing the petition they can assist by appealing for the persecution to stop.

If they ask: "If the persecution is so brutal and extensive, why isn't it reported by the media?" We should reply very naturally: "Then, you can be the living media. You can report it to all the people you come into contact with. That will let many more people know about the brutal and inhumane persecution that should have never been allowed to happen. Our combined efforts will end it very quickly!"

b. How can the peoples' compassionate hearts be stimulated and cause them to spontaneously join us?

When our purity, profundity and hearts are properly positioned, our compassion will generate the necessary wisdom and method for us to face the ordinary people and to really offer salvation to the sentient beings. When they can feel our compassionate energy field and our real desire to help others, they will then speak up by themselves and will join us wholeheartedly.

c. At Broadway, some Australian practitioners met a group of Christians. After the Christians understood the facts, they had tears in their eyes when they took the initiative to say that they will contact all the churches by letter and phone so as to gain their support and that they will all pray together for an early end to the persecution.

Some lawyers took the initiative to ask us what they can do to assist us. A German reporter interviewed us on the spot and informed us that he will certainly file a report. There were also news agencies and individual reporters that interviewed us. There were some ordinary people that took the initiative to contact their members of Congress and so on. There are many moving stories about what is taking place daily in the streets of New York.

A female vocalist looked at the exhibition boards for a long time while taking notes. She said that she would compose a song with the persecution as the theme, and post it in the Internet for everyone to download. That was her way of showing support for our opposition of the persecution.

5. Problems to pay attention to while clarifying the facts

a. When ordinary people are reading our exhibition boards, we must let them finish reading before we approach them to talk to them or to give them some materials, otherwise some of them will just walk away without reading all the facts.

We realized that if we maintain our hearts with the intention of saving sentient beings and always show consideration for others, we will be at our best at all times.

b. Whenever we distribute materials that clarify the facts and meet with people not willing to accept them, we must always thank them as that is being polite as well as showing our goodwill. By so doing, they may accept our materials the next time around.

c. Practitioners came from various countries and regions. Many of them had not seen each other for a long time. It was a rare chance to be meeting at New York. They wanted to share their experiences and their yearnings that are understandable but, would the practitioners please note that they should step aside to talk and not have conversations amongst themselves while distributing the flyers; they should not keep talking in the middle of the thoroughfare or in front of shops. That is showing disrespect to others and also to themselves. That will damage the reputation of the practitioners as well as the good image of Falun Dafa.

If you always remember why you are there, you will at all times, in your actions, reflect the beauty of "Zhen, Shan, and Ren" (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance).

d. In the torture exhibitions, those who act as policemen and those who act as the victims, please project the fierce and brutal image of the policemen and victims, please show victims' suffering and pain. That will make the exhibition more realistic and thus move the hearts of the onlookers and gain their sympathy.

e. For those Westerners who do not bother to stop and look or listen to the truth, we can say a few words loudly, thus sending our righteous sound to them every time they pass by. Some who were not prepared to stop and listen may eventually stop to listen after they hear that it is about the truth of the persecution in China that is continuing. Hence, those who can speak English well must endeavor to speak up constantly.

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