Having Great Breadth of Mind

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PureInsight | November 1, 2004

[PureInsight.org] There is a Chinese saying, "One ocean can hold hundreds of rivers." It was originally used to describe how boundless an ocean is. But Chinese people now use the saying to describe a person's broad mind.

Even so, an ocean is but a single teardrop of a Buddha. It shows how broad one's mind has to be to reach the level of Buddha. There is a saying, "The broad minded Maitreya looks at the world with a broad smile. He can tolerate all that is intolerable." This represents his level of mighty virtue.

Once I read two practitioners' experience sharing articles regarding sending righteous thoughts. One practitioner wrote about sending out his energy to eliminate the evil that had been interfering with computer-related truth clarification work. This practitioner sent his energy out to all practitioners' computers in the world. The other practitioner shared his experiences in helping fellow practitioners who are detained to send forth righteous thoughts. He sent his energy out to different locations throughout China where practitioners were being illegally imprisoned as well as the corresponding fields in other dimensions. This way, he was giving strength to the imprisoned practitioners to step out of the evil den sooner so that they would all be involved in Fa-rectification.

I did occasionally send righteous thoughts to help another practitioner. But that practitioner is my husband who is being imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong. Comparing to the above-mentioned two practitioners, I felt very small.

After that, when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I tried to cover all the imprisoned Dafa practitioners in my righteous thoughts. In doing so my energy has been very powerful and my mind has been broadened as well.

After breaking through the selfish circle, I have raised to a higher level of unselfishness. Furthermore, I can feel the magnificence of broadness of unselfishness. If one's mind nature is high, one's breadth of mind will be increased to that level.

This is just my personal understanding. Please correct the inappropriate points.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2004/9/30/29349.html

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