Stories from New York: Taiwanese Practitioners Clarifying the Truth in Manhattan

Jei Si

PureInsight | November 8, 2004

[] My husband and I went to Manhattan to participate in truth clarifying activities and stayed in a hotel where many Taiwanese practitioners were staying. When we were clarifying truth in Manhattan, we would find those Taiwanese practitioners everywhere. My husband and I also attended in a few group activities with them, and many of them left strong impressions on us.

One day my husband and I decided to go to the Chinese consulate in New York City to send righteous thoughts. As we got closer to the consulate, from a great distance we could already see a group of practitioners in yellow clothing sitting on the ground peacefully. When we got there, we saw that they were Taiwanese practitioners sending righteous thoughts. The consulate is close to the water. That day the wind coming from the sea was very strong. Many practitioners put on raincoats to protect themselves against the cold gusty wind. The wind was blowing so hard that one could hear the raincoats moving in the wind. My husband and I were freezing and felt coldness in our limbs. Yet I saw Taiwan practitioners doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts quietly and weren't bothered at all by the gusty wind. Practitioners formed a long line in front of the consulate. Passersby were drawn by the Falun Gong practitioner's peaceful protest in the cold wind. I saw many people watching us silently and reading the words on the display boards. Many of them took the flyers that practitioners handed to them. Three hours passed by, and the wind became even stronger. My husband and I decided to leave and we ran back to our hotel. When we left, I saw the Taiwanese practitioners sitting there quietly and continuing to send righteous thoughts. I could feel their steadfastness and powerfulness through their stillness. Later on, I found out that those Taiwanese practitioners stayed another three hours until the next group of practitioners came and took over their "shift."

One day my husband and I were passing out flyers and doing exercises at a major intersection. There were a lot of foot traffic, and many people walked by us before we got a chance to talk to them. We became a little concerned. Just then, a few Taiwan practitioners walked by, noticed our problem, and decided to stay to help. Two practitioners began to pass out flyers. Two practitioners demonstrated the exercise. One practitioner held up a display board and one practitioner quietly sent righteous thoughts. Before long, the energy field around us became strong. More passersby stopped and showed interest in our cause. We ran out of flyers quickly. The practitioner who sent forth righteous quietly sat there and continuously sent righteous thoughts for two hours. The environment around us was noisy and chaotic, but she just sat there silently. None of the Taiwanese practitioners complained at all, even though they had not eaten anything since that morning. They didn't leave until 4 PM.

After spending a lot of time with them, I found many Taiwanese practitioners to be sincere, plainspoken, and willing to endure hardships. Every one of them tried their best to contribute to the activities no matter how old they were. One morning, on our way to a meeting, my husband and I saw an elderly practitioner passing out flyers on the street. When we came back from the meeting, he was still there passing out flyers. I stopped by to say hello and asked him some questions out of curiosity. He told me that he was from Taiwan. He is eighty years old this year and has practiced Dafa for five years. Seeing my husband was a westerner, he repeated "Falun Dafa is good" in Chinese several times very earnestly. He then held his thumb up and repeated "Falun Dafa is very good" in English with quite a bit of effort. My husband and I were deeply touched by his purity and compassion.

Those Taiwanese practitioners remain nameless and yet they have saved countless lives. They are the embodiment of all of the practitioners as one body. We as a group have been doing a simple yet extremely meaningful job in Manhattan. As a result of everyone's effort, the evil is becoming weaker and weaker, and people are awakening.

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