Practitioners Held a Group Fa Study in Manhattan on Christmas Day

Guan Du

PureInsight | January 3, 2005

[] On December 25th, 2004, approximately 700 Dafa practitioners from all over the world held a group Fa study session in Manhattan. They spent a total of 5 hours reading Master's latest scripture, "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York," out loud as a group from the beginning to the end. Some practitioners felt it was as if they were back attending the actual Fa conference as they read the lecture in such a large group setting. Some practitioners felt that the result from reading the lecture as a group was much better than them reading the lecture on their own. Many practitioners felt that there should be several more sessions where practitioners could read the latest scripture as a group from the beginning to the end in one setting. Because the scripture contains many questions and answers on issues directly related to truth clarification work in Manhattan, practitioners felt that they were conducting actual cultivation as they read the lecture. Many practitioners felt that the questions that they had in their minds about their truth clarification work in Manhattan vanished after they read the lecture as a group. At the end of the group reading, many practitioners couldn't help feeling strong emotions because they were touched by the immense Buddha's grace and also because they felt that they still have many things that they need to improve.

The scripture was projected onto a big screen in the conference room. Many practitioners who didn't bring the scripture with them were able to read the scripture on the screen. It was a very good practice that can be used in future large group Fa study sessions.

During the gathering, Master Li graced practitioners with his presence. When Master Li said, "You've truly worked hard," many practitioners cried. An elderly lady who has spent the last three months in Manhattan wept continuously. When asked why she was crying so hard, she said, "I can't explain why. I have never seen Teacher up so close in person. I just naturally couldn't stop myself from crying when I saw Teacher." Many elderly practitioners have spent the last several months working from 7 AM to 7 PM to clarify the truth to sentient beings in the mainstream of the American society. During the day they often had little to eat or drink. A practitioner from Taiwan said, "Last Monday, there was a major snowstorm in New York and the temperature fell below -8 degree Fahrenheit. All the practitioners at our torture exhibit not only didn't feel cold, we all felt quite warm. The number of people who accepted our flyers and signed our petition was even higher than normal."

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