Realization in Life: A Cultivator is a Shining Light in the Universe

Guang Ming

PureInsight | January 24, 2005

[] Since I started my cultivation practice, I have become extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment and all the happenings, especially towards the places filled with bad energy and people with bad thoughts. I instinctively resist going near those places and people. Therefore, when I received an invitation to attend an academic meeting at a university in Mainland China, I thought of that severely contaminated environment and those extremely corrupt officials, and my first thought was to reject the invitation. However, the words of a friend who does not cultivate changed my mind. Upon knowing that I was going to turn down the invitation, she said to me: "You cultivators are all righteous, noble, upright and forthright. You are the shining light in the universe, so no matter how filthy a place is, it won't be able to pollute you." Her words sounded like a clap of thunder echoing in my ear for a long time. Yes, it is so true that for a cultivator who has given up pursuit of fame, self-interest and human sentimentality, who does not fight for gain and loss in the world, who safeguards the truth of the universe, and who can let go life and death, no filthy environment can intimidate him. The unshakable righteous faith of a cultivator who believes in the truth of the universe forms a righteous field that is impenetrable. Wherever a cultivator goes, he will bring this righteous field to the environment. A cultivator is a shining light in the universe; he can lighten up any corner of land in the universe.

As my thoughts changed, I calmly accepted the invitation. After I arrived in China, I saw every single person I met as someone with a predestined relationship with me and made use of every opportunity to kindly tell them the principles of being a human and the truth being covered up by the evils. The wisdom and compassion that I have gained from Dafa enabled me to understand people and easily become friends with people of different ages. The light of justice that comes from the truth of the universe shook the heart of every person I met. Some people didn't feel tired even after talking with me for 5 to 6 hours. Someone said: "Being with you cultivators makes me so happy. I don't even want to sleep."

There is a saying in Buddhism that "Buddha's light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." Every cultivator carries unmatchable power and energy. If we see ourselves as the light in the universe, righteously and nobly illuminating every corner of the universe, all the evil matter and beings will be disintegrated and a magnificent and new universe will display its new look in front of the world's people.

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