Uncompromising Courage Art Exhibition

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

This painting is based on a true story. The mother and son were arrested in China simply because they practise Falun Gong. Despite the beatings, the boy had no tears, only one question: Why?

The art exhibition Chinese Communist officials have been pressuring US & Korean venues not to show......has come to Australia

This exhibition, a collection of more than 40 paintings and sculptures by over twenty artists, explores the manifestation of evil in the context of a modern human atrocity: the brutal persecution of Falun Gong inside Mainland China. Some of the artists, like Canadian sculptor Kunlun Zhang, have personally experienced torture inside China's labour camps. One artist is still imprisoned, and Chinese authorities have refused all access to him. His work that we have on display is now his only voice.

The overall style of the works is realistic. Many who have seen the show have expressed admiration for the technical skill and sensitivity with which even the most painful subject—torture—has been presented. The works feature themes that symbolise the ideals of goodness and courage that have inspired Falun Gong practitioners in China to stand up to brutality while maintaining an unwavering commitment to non-violence and compassion.

These art works powerfully expose the Chinese Communist Party's human rights abuses, thus, they have attempted to interfere with venues in the US and South Korea from showing these works. Despite such interference from CCP officials, the exhibit held in the South Korea Parliament ran successfully with support from MPs and the general public. More than 700 people attended the opening on 24th Jan. 2005.

Venue: The York Conference and Function Centre
99 York St (near QVB, the closest cross street Market St) Sydney

Date: 16th - 28th February 2005 (Except Sundays)

Time: 9am - 9pm

NSW Launch Night

6:15pm Friday, 25th February 2005

For further enquiries please contact:

Isabella Au 0414 683 839 or Benjamin Grundy 0433 171 951
Email: uc_art_exhibit@fastmail.fm

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