In a Few Words: Will the Gods Eradicate the Good People in the Chinese Communist Party?

Xin Si

PureInsight | March 21, 2005

[] [Note: "the good people in the Chinese Communist Party" (CCP) refers to those CCP members who have never participated in the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners or who have been secretly protecting Falun Gong practitioners.]

On the subject of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, many people are confused about a question: the gods have condemned the CCP to death, but will gods also eradicate the good people in the CCP?

I think this is an easy question to answer. Let's pretend the CCP was an organization in the underworld society that had committed unforgivable sins for a moment. (Actually, the CCP is far more depraved than all the organizations in the underworld society. The only difference between the CCP and an organization in the underworld society is that the CCP has seized political power and has a legal cover for all its heinous crimes.) That would make all the members of the CCP members of an organization in the underworld society. When the gods are about to annihilate this organization, the first thing the gods will do, naturally, is to rescue all the good people out of this underworld organization. How could they go about doing that?

They would notify all the good people to leave the underworld organization right away! Those who do not take heed of the gods' warning are being terribly foolish! They are literarily blocking the gods' way! They are helping to sustain an underworld organization!

Faced with the police roundup, criminals at large would often hold innocent people as their hostages as a defense mechanism. The good people in the CCP are the CCP's very hostages. Whether you voluntarily joined the CCP or you were pressured to join the CCP, you have the right and freedom to withdraw from the CCP. Those who are not willing to withdraw from the CCP have practically volunteered to become the CCP's hostages and are willing to take the bullets when the police start shooting at the criminals! How can a person willing to protect a criminal be a truly good person? I believe that the gods will doubtlessly annihilate those who help sustain or protect the CCP.

Therefore, it is imperative for all the good people in the CCP to withdraw from the CCP right away. Please do not think that you might be lucky enough to escape the gods' rage or capitalize on their compassion.

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