The Resplendent Journey

An Australian Falun Dafa Pract

PureInsight | April 18, 2005



The clouds roll in,
how heavy they gather
to darken China's horizons.

Come part the skies now,
eliminate every evil,
soon again under shining suns.

The Maze

A climb of mountains,
one's descent into valleys,
winding through the maze.

With the heart awakening
and mind ascending,
destined, come brighter days.

Of Light and Form

This forge of diamond,
an indomitable heart
unfolding worlds resplendent.

Of light and form
transcending reflection,
such purity come every facet.


Let the cosmos unfold
come shine anew,
here, to worlds
and beyond.

Hearts to blossom
across timeless seas,
a myriad of sails
merging as one.

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