A Specter Continues to Haunt Mankind

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | May 2, 2005


All people far and near, please lend me just one ear.
A Specter continues to haunt mankind,
By now it has been here for over a hundred years,
Destroying traditions, leaving men blind.

Back in France it began with scoundrels making plans,
To fight nature with struggle and violence.
To the East it then spread, like a plague that was red,
Choking belief in heaven and good sense.

From there it became huge, a crisis, a deluge,
Even China, the gem, could not escape.
After showing its fangs, its evil song was sang,
And the Soviets threw off that rotten cape.

But wait! The Specter breathes, in China it still seethes,
And has created the most evil cult.
CCP is its name, using scum when it came,
They trick, thieve, and kill, but never take fault.

With sickles and hammers, they take down the banners
Of people who do not always agree.
Now, look at Falun Gong, what did they do so wrong?
Yet they are tortured, killed, and not let be.

Chinese people today may think or even say,
That China is or needs the CCP.
Brainwashed with its dark slime that has grown thick over time,
They do not know what it is to be free.

Also! Why's it alive? Does the world let it thrive?
It must be that the Specter is at work.
Infecting the world's minds with red haze that can blind,
All nations is where the Specter does lurk.

So then what can you do to get it out of you?
Say, "I quit from you, you evil disease!"
Open your muddied eyes to a past full of lies
And read all of the nine commentaries.

A great trend has emerged where the Specter is purged,
Now, those who know the truth are fast growing.
The Specter will be dead, sword of light through its head,
Already it feels autumn's wind blowing.

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