Asking Acquiescence From a Dictator is Like Negotiating with a Tiger for His Pelt (Chinese Proverb)

Li Wenhua

PureInsight | May 23, 2005

[] What would you do given the following scenario? On one side of the mountain a group of bandits was robbing and committing murder. Therefore, you ran to the other side of the mountain to call for help. However the policemen on that side of the mountain told you that it is forbidden to call for help, "as you did not get a permit from the police department," and therefore arrest you. Then, another individual learned a lesson from this and applied for a permit before calling for help. But that individual finds out that the police do not always grant a permit. What would your reaction be then?

I personally would loudly curse them, "You are a disgrace to the police! Either you are without any conscience, or you are an accomplice!"

Such a series of events happened in real life. To rescue fellow Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China who are being persecuted, Singapore's practitioners repeatedly applied for a permit to peacefully appeal. The police, however, would not grant the permit. Does that mean that if the police don't allow people to call for help, people cannot call for help?

Two brave young mothers went to Merlion Park to practice quietly. At the same time, they wanted to bring to people's attention the persecution of Falun Gong. Singapore's court charged them with "illegal assembly." Therefore, they sent CD's telling the truth of the Tiananmen suicide case to police officials. The police turned around and charged the two young females with "possessing and mailing unapproved CDs," and the court handed down a sentence not commensurate with the so-called crime. This sentence was handed out despite the hundreds of unapproved CDs available for sale on the streets. No only that, the prison denied the mother the right to nurse her six-month-old child. Therefore, they protested with a hunger strike. Yet, no one took notice. This exactly is the course of events when the Singaporean Falun Gong practitioners were arrested.

People cannot help but ask, are the harsh Singaporean laws disguised to protect the bandits on this and the other side of the mountain? Truth be told, we believe that this is the reason. This is the darkness that cannot be concealed by the beautiful gardens. This cannot hide the painful and evil nightmare, which citizens there have to suffer today.

The Lee family rules Singapore. Wealth and political power in Singapore are firmly in the hands of Lee's family. In our mind, Singapore mirrors the Cultural Revolution of the Chinese Communist Party. They do not allow freedom of speech, forbidding anything that goes against the will of Lee's family. The authorities scrutinize mail and letters from foreign countries, as well as electronic mail within the country. Any discussion that is not "officially sanctioned" warrants oversight and censure. In the 2003 global freedom news rankings, out of 166 countries, Singapore ranked 144, three ranks behind Zimbabwe.

The legal system in Singapore is in fact "a hidden system for those in power." If you have true disagreements, there are people who will use existing laws against you. They will manipulate the truth and take you to court. You will then be penalized with a US$500,000 fine, meant to bankrupt you and your family. The stories of Xu Shunquan, Deng Lianghong, Xiao Tianshou, and Xie Taibao are true examples of this.

If you want to get permission to live in freedom from this dictator, then isn't it like negotiating the tiger's hide with its owner?

Maybe you might ask, Falun Gong has nothing to do with Singapore's internal matters. Then, why would the Singaporean police want to tangle with Falun Gong?

In 1999, before the communist party in China persecuted Falun Gong, it was popular and welcome in Singapore. However after '99, the Singaporean government followed the dictates of the CCP and put roadblocks whenever Falun Gong practitioners submitted an application for some activity. The reason is very simple: The one is the star in decline and the other is the devotee. They both suffer from the same illusion and thus are partners in crime. One is the predator, while the other is the collaborator.

In 2004, Lee Hsien Loong, the Singapore Prime Minister, praised Den Xioping's for the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre. He said that he would kill 200,000 students in exchange for 20 years of power. It is obvious that the Lee family agrees with the Tiananmen Square Massacre and the Falun Gong issue, as they also support the fascist dictatorship of the communist party. Everything that happens is solely based on the dictator's personal interests and nature. He is fully aware that once the dictatorship of the Communist Party in Mainland China falls, the Lee dynasty dictatorship will also quickly disintegrate. For that reason, he must go against the righteousness and the world's Chinese population. He has to reverse black and white, criticize without grounds, and follow the persecution of the Communist Party to suppress the local Falun Gong practitioners.

Today's Communist Party is already at the end of the road, and its collapse is imminent. If the Lee family recognizes this trend in time, they could stop their downfall, they could reverse their fate and rejoin the world community. May I ask whether the CCP that persecutes truthfulness, compassion and tolerance can represent the actions of humankind? Doesn't Singapore also need truthfulness compassion and tolerance? We are saying that, "Calling for an end to the persecution, bringing justice again to the people, trying to save people, shouldn't this receive the support of the Singaporean government?" Shouldn't the police permit and support this activity?

If Singapore does not want to give the tiger place to roam, and help the Emperor to oppress the people, then please release those two respected women as soon as possible. It is they who represent the conscience and the future of Singapore.

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