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PureInsight | July 18, 2005

[PureInsight.org] I am a Falun Gong Practitioner in Mainland China. With hints from Teacher and help from fellow practitioners, I started a one-person operation to produce and assemble truth-clarification material. I have been running it for some time now. Here I would like to share my experiences with fellow practitioners.

I. The old forces are lurking in the dark and looking for loopholes to exploit in practitioners at all times. Their usual tactics are to ruin the quality of the photocopied truth-clarification material, compromise the resolution of the truth-clarification VCDs, and cause the computers and the photocopier to break down.

Teacher said, "Somewhere in the body one may have a tumor, infection, osteophytosis, etc. It is because in another dimension there lies a being in that place. That being is in a very deep dimension." (From "The Issue of Treating Illness" in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun.)

When the computers and the photocopier break down (or in other words are consumed by "sickness karma"), it is because in another dimension there lies a being causing troubles. We shouldn't treat them as technical problems. Instead, we should immediately send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the beings in another dimension that are causing the problems. Oftentimes when I had very powerful righteous thoughts, the "sickness karma" that the computers and the photocopier experienced would disappear on their own.

II. Once when a fellow practitioner was teaching me to use the Internet, he told me, "Why is the speed of your network so slow? It must have something to do with your heart." I immediately remembered that I had been slacking off on my Fa study. In addition, I had always thought it was normal that my computer and my network are slow. When I shared what was on my mind, the fellow practitioner said, "I refuse to acknowledge this illusion. It must be the old forces' arrangement. When we refuse to acknowledge the old forces, we should be able to do the Fa-rectification work faster." Another fellow practitioner has a very old and cheap computer so he did not expect the computer to run fast. Later he gave this computer to another fellow practitioner. Then it became fast! To me, that says that the practitioner who operates the computer determines how fast it operates. If we expect a computer to be slow, our energy will make it slow.

III. Everything is a form of life. Everything is alive in other dimensions. Many things that we don't think of as living beings have come to assimilate to the Fa, such as computers, printers and the scooters we ride on when we go out to pick up and distribute truth-clarification material.

Before he began a trip to distribute truth-clarification materials, a fellow practitioner with an open Celestial Eye said to his scooter, "This will be a hard day for you again." He saw the scooter replying, "I don't regard it as hardship at all. We are all fellow cultivators, except you were reincarnated as a human being and I, a scooter."

Another fellow practitioner often studied the Fa next to a photocopier. Once when he was making photocopies of truth-clarification material, the paper tray refused to release any paper. He could not understand why it was happening. He checked the photocopier and discovered that he had placed the original upside down. Apparently the photocopier refused to make copies because it was trying to prevent him from wasting paper!

Once before he was about to make photocopies of truth-clarification materials, he asked the photocopier, "Do you think we should photocopy truth-clarification material or cultivation experience sharing papers?" He decided to make photocopies of the truth-clarification material first, but the photocopier refused to run. He understood immediately. He said to the photocopier, "Don't lose your temper. We will go with your decision and photocopy the cultivation experience sharing papers first." When he replaced the original documents in the photocopier with cultivation experience sharing papers, the photocopier began to run fast and produce photocopies of high quality. I think it shows that we should communicate with our computers and other equipments we use for our truth-clarification work before we begin. This will give them opportunities to assimilate to the Fa and to validate the Fa.

IV. Many small truth-clarification material production sites are run by married couples. However, not all of their family members practice Falun Gong, so their family members might install or download software programs that contain elements of the Communist Party's evil specter, such as "Red Guard" and "China's War against Japan" video games. If we don't uninstall these software programs in time, our computers will harbor and breed the Communist Party's evil specter, which will interfere with our truth-clarification work via the computers.

There is a righteous field surrounding Falun Gong's truth-clarification material. The righteous field is capable of disintegrating all evil. If we have righteous thoughts, the evils will not dare to come near or sabotage the truth-clarification production sites. When we do truth-clarification work, we should persistently keep most sincere and pure thoughts. Make each and every truth-clarification flyer and VCD be a Fa tool, which will do its best to offer Teacher's salvation to every predestined person.

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