Scenes a Young Practitioner Saw While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Jing Ying and His Mother

PureInsight | August 22, 2005

Young practitioner Jing Ying (alias) is now twelve years old. He started to practice Falun Dafa at the age of five, and has been practicing it for almost seven years now. The account below is what he saw when he was sending forth righteous thoughts.

Seen on Two Occasions during Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts:

Jing Ying: At exactly 6 p.m. on March 6, my mother and I were sending forth righteous thoughts together. It appeared that I had arrived at a location and as I focused my eyes, I saw that I arrived at my grandma's home. As I was about to enter the stairway, I noticed that the whole building was dim and gloomy. There were many small demons in every room. They were each as large as a fist and were very noisy and jostling each other. The righteous thoughts only annihilated the small demons in one room. Subsequently, I clearly heard sounds like the ticking of a clock, and each tick sounded as if the demons were getting closer and closer to me. They exposed their claws and fangs and were making their final struggle like tigers. I immediately implored Master to give me more strength. Master's fashen (law body) appeared wearing a yellow colored vestment accompanied by several Fa-guardian Gods. They strengthened my energy potency above and around my head. In that instant, the evil demons scattered in utter disarray. They were all annihilated by Master and the Fa-safeguarding Gods.

We hesitated momentarily then resumed sending forth righteous thoughts. Those demons that were previously at my grandma's house were all eliminated. The whole atmosphere became completely tranquil and calm. Then I saw two evil demons trying to force mother to wear earrings marked with the emblem of the beast. But they dared not approach mother. At that moment, Master arrived and disintegrated the evil demons.

It was after this occasion that I realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. I will hereafter be very diligent in my Fa-study and performing the exercises and do the three things well.

Mother: Through what I saw when I sent forth righteous thoughts with my child, I feel that I did not do well previously. I did not concentrate while I sent forth righteous thoughts, and I was often distracted by other thoughts and did not achieve any positive results. Also, I realized the importance of "declaring quitting the Chinese Communist Party and the League," thus eliminating the mark of the beast. That will weaken the evil. They are in the final struggle for their lives. That indicates the importance of Dafa practitioners clarifying the facts. The myriad sentient beings are all waiting for us to save them. We must therefore discard our long held attachments to wanting to take charge, being attached to name, profit and sentimentality. They are like a mountain blocking us. To have any attachment will deprive us of achieving the standard for Consummation. Let us all discard human attachments and work diligently to complete our prehistoric vow and follow our Master home upon Consummation.

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