Treat the Five Million People Quitting the CCP with the Righteous Thoughts of a Practitioner

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PureInsight | October 31, 2005

[] This historical moment of 5 million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has come upon us in the blink of an eye. Toronto practitioners are planning various activities to commemorate this occasion. Through experience sharing, we found out that many practitioners don't see the historical significance of five million people quitting the CCP and this Fa-rectification period from the standpoint of the Fa. The following are partial recordings of some practitioners' understandings through experience sharing.

Since wave after wave of people began quitting the CCP, we have participated in various activities to support the event whenever the total number reached a significant number. But how is five million significant? Through experience sharing many practitioners felt that one shouldn't be moved by the five million number, since people will still be quitting the CCP until it collapses. If our mind is moved, it would be an attachment and evil will take advantage of it.

Some practitioners said that an average of 20,000 people quitting CCP per day is still a low number, and an act of the old forces. The old force's excuse is that many practitioners still haven't stepped forward to validate the Fa. Because of that, the number of people quitting the CCP hasn't increased dramatically, and the CCP can remain to further test the practitioners. If we can't deny the old force's arrangements completely but see this with a human heart and wait passively for practitioners to step forward so that the number of people quitting the CCP would begin to pile up, then how many people can we really save before Master's Gong reaches the Three Realms? On the other hand, if the CCP collapses right now, if we are able to promote the Nine Commentaries on the CCP without evil interference, how many people will we be able to save?

During the experience sharing, it was brought up that Master said that (paraphrasing) if all the practitioners had been steadfast and held onto their righteous thoughts and actions, the evil persecution wouldn't have been able to start on July 20, 1999. That is to say that there are many variables on the Fa-rectification and all kinds of changes can take place with the thoughts of us Dafa practitioners. Master also said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference", "We are saving people! If the CCP, while in its death throes, still tries to use different tactics to tamper with the salvation of sentient beings, then we have other ways to deal with it--the Buddha Fa is boundless!" Our understanding was that if we don't do well to promote the Nine Commentaries and do not walk our path well, Master will use another method to lead us to cultivate ourselves and bring salvation to the sentient beings. That is to say, the key thing to bring salvation to sentient beings isn't what method we use, be it the "Nine Commentaries" or some other method. The key is that practitioners' righteous thoughts and mind-nature must genuinely meet the Fa-rectification's standard. The more time it takes us to get there, the more sentient beings will be destroyed. We have to remember that Master came here to bring salvation to the sentient beings, not just to let us cultivate. Master is watching out for the future of billions of people, and not just today's practitioners.

We came to understand that whenever practitioners follow Master's instructions and validate the Fa and bring salvation to the sentient beings in the human world, the old forces' elements also react and seek to "cooperate" using their corrupted notions. The disintegration of the CCP in the human world is also part of their arrangements, but they want to do it within their arrangement. For example, their arrangement is to control the pace of disintegration according to how well the practitioners cultivate. They want to control the time frame of how the CCP falls apart. They also want to control how to eliminate (such as using a pandemic) those who fail to quit the CCP. If we can't understand the connotation of Master's great compassion in Fa-rectification and bring salvation to the sentient beings from the standpoint of Fa, then we are likely to fall into the old force's arrangements. We wouldn't be able to break free from them and would fail Master's intention to save all sentient beings.

The "Five Million Quitting the CCP" Falun Dafa Association's public notice and the events happening inside and outside of China signify another phrase in the Fa-rectification. That is to say the various deities in the other dimensions have set up all kinds of fields and mechanisms to disintegrate the CCP. They are simply waiting for us to cooperate and achieve our own breakthroughs. Under this heavenly phenomenon, if we maintain sufficient righteous thoughts, along with our righteous acts, we can break through the old force's barricades and arrangements and therefore disintegrate the CCP. We can win the time and chances to clarify the truth to the Chinese people in a grand scale. The old forces put too much emphasis on our personal cultivation, and they are willing to destroy all sentient beings just to test us. This is not what Master wants. The Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples' most compassionate act is to help Master complete His wish to bring salvation to the sentient beings. We shouldn't be attached and wait for all practitioners to reach the same level. That is falling into the old forces' arrangements. We have to hold on to one thought at all times under this heavenly phenomenon: completely disintegrate the CCP, here at this very moment.

No matter what project a practitioner is involved in at this moment, he should think of things using a deity's mindset and angle, take the entire Fa-rectification's overall situation into consideration. He should not focus just on his current project or be trapped by the logic and principles of the human world. If we can cooperate with this heavenly phenomenon and disintegrate the CCP, would we still do our projects tomorrow the same way we do today? That is to say, we have to think from a deity's point of view, and not limit ourselves by the obstacle set up by the old forces.

This is also a test of our righteous thoughts and faith. Do we have faith that our Master and deities from the other dimensions have set in motion this heavenly phenomenon to disintegrate the CCP? Do we have faith that our righteous thoughts are powerful? When facing various false appearances, can we hold on to the thought that we will not let the old forces destroy more people, but to eliminate the old forces. If we hold on to these righteous thoughts, practitioners everywhere will have boundless wisdom. We will perform all kinds of righteous acts, cooperating with the five million quitting the CCP and disintegrating the CCP. We wish that practitioners from all locales would share their experience on this matter and raise our level together, and come to understand that if more practitioners can maintain the same righteous thoughts and acts, we will be able to break through the old forces' arrangements.

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