Introducing the Orphan Rescue Project at Huddersfield Summer Camp in England by Invitation

By a Chinese Falun Gong Practi

PureInsight | August 29, 2005


"Their Tears Unseen; Their Cries Unheard!" This summer we were invited to the Huddersfield summer camp in England talk about the project to rescue the children orphaned by China's persecution of Falun Gong.

As the teenagers at Huddersfield Summer Camp were watching the video "Rescuing Falun Gong Children in China" produced by FGMTV, they were brought to tears. The head of the camp was clearly moved and said, "Each time I watch the video, tears well up in my eyes. I am going to make photocopies of your signature collection sheet and pass them to every student and parent to help rescue these innocent children!"

FGMTV: Rescuing Falun Gong Children in China
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A schoolteacher approached us and told us several times emotionally, "I have never heard or read about this. I am going to read your flyer seriously!"

A little boy shouted from a distance as soon as he spotted me, "I have signed your petition form! I have signed your petition form!"

At the end of the presentation, all the kids talked to us in a respectful manner, including those who ignored me in the beginning. Some kids sat on the lawn and learned the Falun Gong exercises from us. When they talked about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) severe violations of human rights, they became very upset and agitated.

When I looked these innocent young faces, I couldn't help thinking of those kids of the same age in China. Because of the CCP's hate propaganda against Falun Gong and its blockage of information, the children in China have been deceived and led to irrationally hate and detest Falun Gong. I cannot begin to imagine the horrific future that awaits those children in China!

Meanwhile, those poor children of our fellow Falun Gong practitioners living in the society controlled by the evil CCP have already endured so much more pressure than what they can possibly bear at their tender age. There are many cases I personally know of: A young, famous painter has already been illegally detained in the forced labor camp for three years, leaving his wife and son with no one to provide for them, living on only a little savings that he had. A manager at a foreign corporation with a Master's degree has been illegally detained for over three years and is now illegally sentenced to another ten years in prison. His wife has also been illegally sentenced to two years in the forced labor camp. Their child is living with the grandfather and paralyzed grandmother on the grandparents' feeble retirement pension. A college lecturer who has been illegally sentenced to ten years in prison has a son in elementary school. An engineer with a Master's degree has been illegally sentenced to over ten years in prison and taken away from his newborn child. There are numerous cases of such tragedies in China, but no one knows about any of them because the media in China is controlled by the CCP and is allowed to broadcast only hate propaganda and smear campaigns against Falun Gong.

In comparison, I am incredibly lucky. After two years in the forced labor camp, miraculously, I was able to come to England to study and brought my daughter with me. My daughter and I are now able to practice Falun Gong freely in England. However, my five-year-old daughter has not seen her father for three years. For the past three years, my daughter and I have cried in each other's arms countless times!

Every child is the treasure of its parents. Why do the children of Falun Gong practitioners have to suffer China's inhumane persecution and be forced to endure so much? Countless families of Falun Gong practitioners have been torn apart. Countless kindhearted Falun Gong practitioners have suffered illegal imprisonment and torture. As of August 26, 2005, nearly 3,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been verified as having been persecuted to death and 250 children of Falun Gong practitioners have been verified as orphans without either parent. However, the known statistics of China's persecution of Falun Gong are only a tip of the iceberg. Since July 20, 1999, the evil CCP has spared no expense or resources in running its hate propaganda and nationwide brainwashing campaign all over China. It is getting better at concealing its persecution of Falun Gong to create an illusion that there is no persecution. But when the facts of the CCP's atrocities are known to the entire world, it will be despised by all the kindhearted people around the world.

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