How I Persuaded My Father to Destroy CCP Leaders' Portraits at Home

PureInsight | August 29, 2005

[] Teacher is so compassionate. After The Epoch Times published "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party", people will have a chance for salvation as long as they publish a statement on The Epoch Times quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), even if they use a pseudonym in the statement. All of my family members, except my father, quit the CCP. My elderly father lives in a farming village in China. He was severely poisoned by the CCP evil specter's atheist education. He refused to believe in gods, but he kept several CCP leaders' portraits in the center of the wall in the living room at home.

In order to persuade my father to destroy these portraits, I gave him a copy of "The Nine Commentaries." He agreed to do it. But he put the book away after he removed the portraits from the wall. I didn't have time to return to the village at thar time, but I wrote him a letter immediately when I heard what he had done. In the letter I wrote, "Father, you must believe me. I am absolutely thinking of your best interest. I am your son. I am not going to recommend anything that's not good for you."

Next I asked my father to recall the famous legend about Willow Twig Street in Hechuan, Chongqing, Sichuan Province. Once upon a time, a rebel army invaded Sichuan province and was about to slaughter everyone in Hechuan. Before the rebel army entered Hechuan, many people started to flee from the town. The rebel leader happened to see a woman carrying a bigger child on her back while holding the hand of a small child walking next to her. Apparently they were also fleeing town. Out of curiosity, he stopped the woman and asked her, "Why don't you carry the smaller child on your back instead and let the bigger child walk on his own?" The woman replied, "The smaller child is my son. The bigger child is not mine. He was entrusted to me." The rebel leader was very touched. He told the woman, "You may return to Hechuan. Hang a willow twig on your door and you will be spared." After the woman returned home, she told the news to many neighbors, who then told more neighbors. On the next day the rebel army entered Hechuan. They saw all the households on one particular street had a willow twig on the door, so they spared the lives of all the households on that street. The households on other streets in Hechuan did not have any willow twig on the door and were slaughtered. The spared street was named Willow Twig Street. I told my father, "Those families on Willow Twig Street were very lucky. But if they had failed to take the advice, it'd be too late to go look for a willow twig for their door when the rebel army arrived at their doorstep."

I added, "Father, everything I have written in the letter is absolutely true. The tsunami in Southeast Asia claimed 160,000 lives in a few minutes. When the disaster arrives, do you think I will time to return home and knock on the door to ask you to quit the CCP in order to be spared from the disaster? You are very lucky to be advised to quit the CCP!" Afterwards, I called to follow up with my father. "Dad, have you destroyed the portraits?" "I have destroyed them all," he replied.

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