2005 U.K. Fa Conference Paper: Let Go of Human Hearts and Save People in China via Fax

PureInsight | September 5, 2005

[PureInsight.org] I started the work of coordinating local activity in faxing truth clarification materials to China in November 2003. At that time our global fax team and the practitioner looking after the local fax group had laid a good foundation. But when I came to learn and take charge of the automatic fax techniques, I still experienced a difficult starting process. Since then various types of interference and tests of my xinxing have never stopped. Looking back at the process of conducting the faxing project, I came to deeply appreciate that overlooking the sending forth of righteous thoughts and cultivating oneself well will not lead to good work. The three things Master told us to do should be done well simultaneously. I also deeply appreciate that the process of sending faxes together with follow practitioners is also a process of conducting genuine cultivation.

At the beginning we dialed fax numbers in China manually. Many practitioners specifically purchased new or better fax machines. Even those sending faxes through the computer, did it by staying at the computer and entering the fax numbers one by one. In order to keep up with the quickening process of Fa rectification, UK practitioners started a large-scale migration to automatic fax technology about a year ago. In comparison with practitioners in other countries, we were quite late in this aspect. Nevertheless it was better late than never.

In the process of mastering the technology, the tribulations practitioners experience vary from person to person. For practitioners who don't like computers, there is the process of overcoming the fear of the complexity of computer technology. For those familiar with computers, they can often fall into the trap of following human conventional thoughts and methods in resolving technical problems. Often after when one problem is solved, another will appear in the form of a technical difficulty. A certain problem seems to have been overcome but will reappear sometime later and the previous methods of solving the difficulty will not be effective anymore.

In my dealing with automatic faxing, I fell into the trap of the illusion formed by what appears on the surface to be technical problems. I buried myself in computer programs and procedures, without studying the Fa, missing the time of Sending forth Righteous Thoughts, but no matter how hard I tried, the success rate of sending faxes to China was always lower than it was with a manually dialed fax machine. With a deep sense of frustration and the view that computer-based automatic faxing technology is not yet mature, I wanted to give up the automatic faxing approach. But after a few days, facing a long string of fax numbers that had not been dialed, I thought that I still had to come back and face the automatic faxing technology. Yet I faced the same problems. I went back and forth between the two methods until the fax modem broke down due to technical problems. Such an incident that normally rarely happens woke me up and made me realize that the old forces had all along been creating barriers to interfere with our efforts at truth clarification to the masses in China. All these technical difficulties are actually illusions created by the old forces by making use of our human notions and attachments. After waking up, I realized that while doing truth clarification, one must remember that one is a cultivator who should strengthen Fa study and pay serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. Through closing the gaps in one's personal cultivation, gradually achieving a state of active no-action, holding down one's great ambition, caring about even the most minute cultivation details, and dealing with problems that occur in a cool, calm and sincere manner, many problems were instantly resolved and some completely disappeared.

If we deal with technical problems with the mind state of a cultivator, modern technology will come to the service of practitioners, displaying maximum positive effects. In dealing with automatic faxing, the success rate of sending through faxes is an indicator of whether there is technical problem in the process. When a practitioner started using auto faxing, her success rate was significantly lower than the average of the fax group. Various technical interventions were to no avail. Even staying up all night to monitor the computer dialing process did not reveal any clue for resolving the problem. Finally, it occurred to her that faxing should be done with the heart of non-pursuit and letting go of concern about the success rate. She upheld righteous thoughts and let the computer get on with the auto faxing. The second day, when she woke up in the morning, she noticed that the success rate actually went up. Practitioners in several other cities also had similar experiences. They found when their wish of using faxes to save sentient beings come to a prominent state in their minds, and when they removed the attachment to the success rate, the success rate actually went up.

There is another miraculous incident relating to fax success rate which happened within the fax group. For various reasons, the success rate of sending faxes to the Chinese mainland was not high, usually 20-30%, sometimes even below 10%. In the initial days of the fax efforts, because of the low success rate and other reasons, some practitioner left the fax job for other Dafa projects. One practitioner in Birmingham was one of them. She was one of the practitioners joining the auto-fax effort when it first started a year ago. She always wanted to use auto fax and felt guilty that she stopped the fax task for a few months. So when I taught her the techniques she just followed without thinking, adjusting anything to suit her work style, and without any expectations about the success rate. Without any particular thoughts, she switched on the computer and just auto dialed the first 100 numbers. The result was that the dialing was successful for all 100 numbers and 99 of them received the faxed truth materials. When I finished analyzing the statistics and told her that the success rate was 99%, we all bathed in the delight of witnessing the miracle of the Fa. I told her: you stopped faxing for a few months and it seems that the sentient beings behind those 99 numbers became anxious and could wait no longer. I thank Master from bottom of my heart for his encouragement of us and for letting us see the longing of the sentient beings for truth clarification materials. Now my further understanding is that fundamental reason for the low success rate was the barriers and partitioning created by the old forces and other interferences, which blocks sentient beings in various spaces and dimensions from obtaining the truth, and obtaining the Fa. Dafa disciples come from various celestial bodies and correspond to sentient beings in various dimensions. If every Dafa disciple takes part in truth clarification, then we will be able to break the barriers and partitions, thereby broadly offering salvation.

Our fax work, including the collection of fax numbers from Mainland China, has been carried out quietly by practitioners. Some practitioners were responsible for other tasks, while also doing the fax work. Some practitioners are not well off and still continue with fax work while making ends meet for their family. Many practitioners now can handle auto faxing so they started with faxing a few numbers a day to faxing up to 400 numbers a day. It is difficult to estimate the total number of faxes sent by the whole group. Take myself as an example: in the year since last September, I have dialed over 58,000 fax numbers and successfully sent over 18,000 truth clarification materials, averaging over 50 copies everyday. In fact, in comparison to fellow practitioners, or more precisely speaking, according to the one's mission and responsibility, I should have done and was able to do even better.

Having been using fax for truth clarification for more than two years, I seemed to be too familiar with CHUAN ZHEN (傳真), the two Chinese characters for fax. I looked at them without seeing them. A few months ago I suddenly realized that the Chinese character, CHUAN (傳) meant Transmitting and ZHEN (真) meant Truth. The combination of the two characters stands for Transmitting Truth. So the fax technology is something that the gods have prepared for us long ago. This is exactly what Teacher revealed to us in one of his poems – "The big stage"

Five thousand years of human civilization,
has China Proper as the stage.
Foolishly absorbed in what unfolds in the play,
the grotesque scenes seem beautiful.
Awakening, people look at one another,
and realize the stage was being set for the Fa.

In the hands of everyday people, the fax is just a tool for sending an exact copy of a document. But in the hands of Dafa disciples, it has become a Fa tool for clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Master, we will make best use of this Fa tool.

Thank you Master,
Thank you everyone.

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