An Elderly Practitioner's Celestial Vision: "SOS – Hurry up the Rescue Effort"


PureInsight | September 12, 2005

[] I got a call from an elderly practitioner early this morning. I knew right away that she must have some important things to say and wanted me to pass them to the world's people. After the greeting, I quietly listened to what she wished to say.

She said, "This morning between two and five clock while I was practicing the sitting meditation, I saw many things. The visions were dynamic and constantly changing. Finally, I saw three English letters on an infinitely giant screen --- SOS."

"Urgent rescue!" I exclaimed.

"That is what it means? I had no idea what SOS means. Then some Chinese words appeared on the screen --- Hurry up the Rescue Effort!"

We both fell into silence, but shared a tacit understanding of these words.

"Coincidence as some people might call it, but I saw a news report last night on TV that caught my attention. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it is not a question any more whether the avian influenza pandemic will occur. The question is when the pandemic will occur. The WHO also stated that Asia is very vulnerable to the avian influenza as winter approaches."

"Then you must hurry up and tell people what I saw! Ask Falun Gong practitioners to hurry up and save people!"

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