The Journey of a Cultivator: Part III. The Great Way

Evan Mantyk

PureInsight | November 28, 2005


Part III: The Great Way

After graduation, and brief consternation,
I then found myself in New York City
Reporter's pen in hand, for great Truth I did stand
Exposing Communists without pity.

Then, I put on some weight and went out on a date
Soon after I was joyfully married.
A most familiar wife, perhaps from a past life,
Forced immature notions to be buried.

Though we wed strangely quick my family did stick
By my side, and things weren't at all too tense.
They made a wedding sign, with bright words on one line,
Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

Now I've come to today, here on earth it's this way,
Good and evil are becoming more clear,
Evil communists rule without freedom like fools
Chinese people come forward without fear.

I go about each day, following the Great Way—
A cultivator on a grand mission.
Though the world is mundane, and my actions seem plain,
I stride forward without indecision.

Reading Falun Gong books, and taking hard, deep looks
Inside whenever conflicts do arise.
Ten months of earthly life, may be a moment's strife
In a battle that in the heavens lies.

When I send righteous thoughts for a battle that's fought
Beyond what humans can measure or see,
Between planet-sized air, beyond the atoms there,
In other space-times, my sword is set free.

I emit holy light, that comes steady and bright
Like tiny white swords shooting out in waves.
When my head is most clear, the energy does sear
Evil's minions hiding deep in their caves.

The war is almost done, the righteous almost won,
Endless bright legions amass in the sky.
With pure armor I stand, with clear sword in my hand,
Soon the world's communist specter will die.

November 26, 2005

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